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Here in the Abattoir's LAN Minutes Archives, we flash freeze the rants and ramblings of days behind us and store them in the vault for all time - if you're new to Abattoir.Net, the best way to get to know us is to read up, so grab a cup of joe or your favourite brew and venture back in time; start from the bottom and work your way up (...that's our motto...)  There's lots to read too, we've been hosting the BTM LAN Parties since 1997, where the hell have you been?

2004 Season 
JAN 2004

January Abattoir Archives have been lost - we think it was a terrorist attack

Rant time - read as MeatMan blows his stack on the stalkers of Futureshop and we all love of good Microsoft bashing now and again, right?
JUN 2004
FEB 2004

Conan O'Brien invades Canada and poops on Quebec - Abattoir goes v4.0 - The Wall of Quake returns - Mars Rover phones home

Doom3 finally hits the shelves and the Abattoir puts it up on the wall - our beloved LoneFart packs his bags and heads to British Columbia
JUN 2004
MAR 2004

A restful month at the Abattoir as server maintenance is the only highlight

NASA sends its space probes to canon-ball school - MeatMan and R2D2 smoke a blunt and BTM season opens as our 45th BTM is announced
JUN 2004
APR 2004

Enter Myles (MiniMeat) Milton - Abattoir goes Hi-DEF - Zook loses his head - SPAM hits the fan as Abattoir.Net takes on Cedar Springs

Abattoir.Net takes in "Peanut" - he's even less annoying than Cedar SPAM Springs, but not by much
JUN 2004
MAY 2004

The Abattoir continues to shove it up their watery ass - BTM43 rocks out - We say thanks to Mothers and goodbye to Friends

The Abattoir Compendium02 tripple DVD Limited Edition ships, the Abattoir makes the news on TV, and Jesus likes cheese
JUN 2004
JUN 2004

iRobot makes a "warranty policy adjustment" when an email's fired off and the Abattoir puts out it's first professional BTM MAP Pack for UT2K4

Welcome to the Maul, it's Christmas time at the Abattoir
JUN 2004

MeatMan Says:
"To know us is to love us, or hate us; but don't judge till you know us...  The LAN Minutes Archives are the Abattoir's history; we use it just to remember what we did that week..."

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