08:00am Oct27, 2005 

I'm such a total ass-hole...  Unless you've had your head buried deeper in the sand than a Liberal MP, you're most likely well aware of last nights Lotto6/49 draw in Canada which boasted a record breaking $54 million winfall -- each time the lottary (...which is a tax on the stupid...) climbs, I walk the office with my hand out asking for two bucks from everyone, I purchase "X" number of quick-picks, photocopy the tickets and slap them on the fridge door in the cafeternia; today I decided to spice-up our Thursday morning chat by the water-cooler.  After the draw was done, I went to Atlantic Lotto's site to check on the winning numbers and where (...if any...) the winners were located...  I scanned the photocopy of the tickets, then photochopped them to make it seem as though we had 5 out of 6 numbers, plus the bonus number (...giving us a second prize win of almost $145,000...) then I printed, plastered it back on the fridge and waited as staff shuffled in for their morning coffee.  Mike was the first to walk in with the numbers written on a Post-IT Note and began matching-up numbers while we all chatted and poured our morning cup of joe -- it took him about five minutes to convince everyone that we had won; It took me about 1 second to drag them back into the mud.  (...I think I'm going to get the beats at lunch today...)


11:00am Oct21, 2005 

Wow!  That's all I can say when asked how our BTM season opener "Frag4Food" drive went...  I don't even know how to thank everyone for their unbelievable generosity this year; although we keep the Abattoir BTM LAN Parties to a comfortable and compact 30 players, you all managed to produce a mountain of over 1,750 food items this year -- way to go folks, you've helped assure several families will have plenty of chow this holiday season; stand-up and take a bow, you're great people!  Steve (Infinity) DeRyck stock-piled a skid of noodles (which oddly don't look or feel much like "cans" at all) and won the draw for the Blackberry 7520, David (Atari) Gomes who brought the most food takes home the APC 1000VA Power Back-Up to name just a few winners, but the real prize goes to the Daily Bread Food Bank -- hats off to all who attended!

The gaming action was great too...  Battlefield 2, Quake, Counter Strike Source to name a few, but I think the most enjoyed game from the crop was Metal of Honor which has not been played at a BTM in some time now -- so enjoyed that we're thinking BTM49 just might have a huge Metal of Honor tournament happening, damned I missed that sniper rifle.  Greetings to all the newbies too, IceMan, Pnyx, Bunnyguts and Rabid Piglet who made another appearance after missing 20 BTMs; good to have you back!

Isis took advantage of the BTM crowd to hone her manicure skills -- it takes a special kinda' BTMer to sit for a manicure during a LAN party when there's digital cameras going off everywhere; hey IceMan, you're soaking in it.  Once again, the crew reduced 40lbs of pizza to crumbs in under 4 minutes -- I'm always thrown into a state of awe when "Pizza!" is yelled, some of the biggest guys here sure can move when chow is served; take note if BTM49 is going to be your first, when the call is made, either move fast or get out of the way -- we've yet to have anyone trampled, but I can see it happening.

All the photos from BTM48 are up on the SuperFTP Server, unfortunately, the SuperFTP's system drive took a dive during the BTM so you'll not be able to get at them until the server is restored -- everyone will also have to reapply for their FTP account, so we may as well get that ball rolling now; email your game alias and a password of your choice and we'll get you hooked back up as soon as we're back online.  Keep posted to the LAN Minutes, we'll be announcing BTM49's date very soon, hope to see you there and thanks again to everyone who joined in on the action this past weekend -- safe to say we all had a blast and it's great to have BTM season started again.  We'll be voting on the date for BTM49 in the forums, make sure you put your two cents in.

Yesterday of course was the Canadian release date for Quake 4, I had three copies of the DVD in my hand before the noon hour struck -- since LAN Central was all cleaned and cleared post BTM, we decided to watch the hockey game on the "Wall of Quake", then after the game, Quake on the "Wall of Quake" (makes sense, yes?)  Have you nailed your copy yet?  Join us in the forums and let us know what you think of the latest instalment in the Quake series, so far we're rather enjoying it!  Of course, Doom the movie opens in theatres today so there's no end to the game related fun this weekend has to offer...  Have a great weekend, Quake on, play safe.


12:00am Oct14, 2005 

Well, it's now Friday the 14th, which means the BTM season opener starts tomorrow (...Early-Bird tonight...) and I can tell that each and every single one of you reading right now would rather hear about my adventures at Futureshop Part II, or if Cedar SPAM Springs has any intension of reimbursing me the .10¢ I've demanded after I caught them sending SPAM to my cell phone -- but there are more important issues right now...  Last years "Frag4Food" was a great success, this year before the BTM has started the first nonperishable donation towards our little food drive for the Daily Bread Food Bank arrived; David (Atari) Gomes popped over to the Abattoir this afternoon and filled our table with *insert your guess here* items of chow...  Everyone here is pretty much sure he's really, really after that Blackberry.  Don't let him intimidate you, just think of the odds...  If you have 5 cans, that's one ticket; If you have 10 cans, you've just doubled your chances!

Set-up has been going on for the BTM, Steve (Infinity) DeRyck has been playing with the MeatCAMs so you'll now be able to tune-in this weekend to see what's happening in more than just LAN Central again...  BathroomCAM in on backorder.  Thanks again to Bell Mobility for the Blackberry, apparently this small device is going to feed a few people more than information this holiday season...  Have a great weekend everyone.


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