11:45am May19, 2005 

After its debut in 1977, the entire Star Wars soap opera comes to a close as of today -- Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith opened in theatres everywhere this morning and the geeks camping outside finally were given the chance to quench their thirst on this last chapter...  So far, according to interviews, the movie is very much holding-up to the hype and you're sure to see packed theatres for some time to come -- so shave your Wookie and polish your light sabre, it's time to see Anakin Skywalker turn to the dark side!


09:30am May06, 2005 

Since BTM47 "Breakfast" Edition on June 4th will likely be our last BTM of the season before we brake for Summer, I thought it would be nice to kick it up a notch -- not only are we giving away Pioneer DVR-109 DVD Burners, but now we're also going to give away a car...  no, really.  Abattoir.Net will award a 1989 Mazda 323 to the winner of a game yet to be determined, probably Last Man Standing in UT2K4...  This car has been generously donated to BTM47 by John Cameron, it's in great running condition, has about 220k on it and we would like to give it to you.  So sign-up now and secure a spot at BTM47 and you could drive away a winner!  (...unless you're going to a different LAN Party that weekend where they're giving away a 1990 Mazda 323s....)


07:30pm May02, 2005 

There's a thing called "paying ahead", it's a real simple concept -- when you go through a drive-thru, like Tim Horton's for example, you buy your coffee then ask to pay for the car behind you too...  After paying for your coffee and your unsuspecting recipient behind who's still fumbling for change, you speed off and relish in the thoughtfulness of your good deed knowing that you probably just made someone's day with your act of random goodwill...  The other day I pulled a "pay ahead" at Tim Horton's in Oakville before making my sprint to Hwy5 and work beyond; while heading along Hwy5 toward the 403, I noticed in my rear-view mirror this guy driving like a mad-man, dodging and weaving between cars...  He eventually landed himself behind me just as I hit the entrance ramp to the 403 -- as soon as we made it on to the highway, he floored his car yet again and pulled-up beside me, it turned out to be the guy I bought the coffee and donut for at Horton's; his face was lit up with the biggest smile, he hoisted his cup and gave me a raging thumbs-up, I waved back and smiled -- he then exited on the 407 and turned west, while I continued east...  This guy was so happy that a stranger bought his morning cup of Joe for him, that he drove over 3 km in the opposite direction and followed me onto the highway just to catch me and thank me -- that made my day.  Shortly after, I pulled another "pay ahead" at a Tim Horton's, unfortunately, it turns out the woman behind me was buying coffee and lunch for several back at her office; this bill came to $18+, that did not make my day.

It is with the utmost regret that we must announce BTM47 has been moved to June 4th -- We're loathing the hate-mail and name calling already, but if I were in the Liberal Party of Canada, you would have just seen it coming as another broken promise.  There are several reasons for the shift, one is due to another LAN Party -- we didn't know that Old Fart Clan has their once-a-year fragfest scheduled for the same weekend and although Smiley hasn't thrown me an invitation over all these years, we'll move BTM47 to June 4th, at least we know that BBQ action will be twice as stupid now...  Again, we do regret the inconvenience on a date shift as we know some have booked time free for that weekend...  We will be leaving the present reservations on, but please let us know if this date change wrecks your life and you can't make the June 4th date.  Now that we've moved it, Sign-Up!


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