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So you're making the leap and coming out to play with the big boys, huh?  All information fields are mandatory, your request will not be considered if required information is not provided; don't be paranoid, remember, we're the ones inviting you into our home...  This information is for our records only and will not be shared/sold/written on bathroom walls without your permission.  If you require a more detailed explanation of any field, or to see why we require any given fields information, just click on the question mark icon for help.  This form uses the POST function to send filled-in data to us, you must have a valid email account set-up in order to send -- if you use a webmail system for your email (yahoo mail, hotmail, gmail etc) just copy the requested info and email it to and your request will be processed.

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Please remember, by submitting this form you have agreed (if accepted) that you are able to attend this BTM LAN Party -- should you later discover that you are unable to attend, it is your responsibility to notify us ASAP so we can clear your spot for others; failure to notify us of a cancellation can result in future reservation requests being denied.


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Tempest Says:
"Bar none, the Abattoir BTM LAN Party is without a doubt the best place on Earth to nail free bagels"

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