08:45pm Oct26, 2004 

Peanut Update: I have a large threshold for irritants, I drink heavily; unfortunately, Peanut was just too much for us to handle -- being a Siamese, he was quick to start imitating MiniMeat's cry in the middle of the night at 2:00am, then 3:20am, then 3:48am, followed by 4:29am (...I'd go on, but I think you know where we're going with this...) Also with their stealthy skillz, he's able to jump up onto the bed without the lightest sleeper feeling a thing, slowly approach you, then when he's just 3 inches from your face, he'd burst into a scream at 120 decibels that sounded like a gazelle being thrown into a wood-chipper; that was the last straw for us at the Abattoir; I'm sure everyone at work thought I was on a weeklong bender or something...  Out of all the offers, we called up Autumn Babe (...who frequents the BBs...) and said; "He's all yours!" -- We know that Autumn Babe and the family will take great care of Peanut and provide him a loving and safe home where he can purr till the next hair ball's ready.  We know Peanut will love it there and we're getting regular emails and digitals to prove it -- enjoy Peanut! *removes ear plugs*

For those Abattoir.Net readers who are Supporting Members but don't read up on the community BBs, we're requesting a quick update from you with respect to your mailing address.  If you are a "present" Abattoir.Net Supporting Member (...and really, you should be...) we're asking you to email us your current full name and mailing address -- we're pretty sure we know where you live, but we want to make sure our records are accurate.  Reason, you ask?  Never mind that...  We're not putting you on the Ed McMahon Mailing List, nor are we going to start sending out scratch'n'sniff Anthrax cards, but if you don't send us your current address we can't ship "Compendium"; this is all I can say right now, it's kinda' like a big secret sorta' thing...  Please email us at compendium@abattoir.net  Once again, thank-you for your support.


Happy Cats-giving! 11:15pm Oct13, 2004 

Wow...   Just one mention of Peanut on Abattoir.Net and he's a star; we're getting plenty of "I want him!" emails since his debut...  Firstly, we're not shipping him to a P.O.Box, I might also mention that we're not exactly throwing Peanut to the wild just yet -- we're still giving him some adapting time.  We would like to say thank-you for the outpour of offers, but we're holding him another few weeks to see how it goes; your offers are appreciated, and adoption cards have been logged; no, he's not going to be a door prize at BTM45 either.  We've also had inquiries like "Geez, how loud is he anyway?" so just to give you an idea, here is a little footage of Peanut as he enters the Media Room in the Abattoir while BammBamm was over the other night; note his dizzy wandering pattern, yet he never loses his way since he's already sonar echoed the entire house about 8 times now from corner to corner -- we're pretty sure his hard drive's gotta' be full by now...  Either way, this clip might not stay up too long due to traffic, so if you want to see Peanut in the full HiDEFening sound and picture video, he's on the SuperFTP Server under Abattoir Footage in the video folder.  Watch first, then close your eyes; let your body go limp as you relax, pretend it's 4:02am and then, with the volume turned up, play the clip again -- get it?

As it stands now, BTM45 "Compendium" Edition is sold-out...  This does not mean you can't get in, we have a Waiting List on the reservation page and it's first come, first serve; there's always the chance of a last moment cancellation, so sign-up now if you still want in to our 45th BTM -- there's always the Spectator option too; either way you might win Peanut, 'er, strike that.


Happy Thanks-giving! 04:30pm Oct11, 2004 

Turkey for everyone!  Happy Thanksgiving, it's a Monday filled with turkey if all works out well for you, if not, turkey on whole wheat's good too.  The processors at the Abattoir.LABs have been working overtime for months now on a little project we like to call "Can't tell you anything about it right now, but soon" -- I know the title kinda' sucks, but we think you'll like the product; that's all I can say, Infinity's standing behind me watching as I type...

Actually, it was Infinity who found this little gem of an image...  On the left, Brock Lesnar (...x-pro wrestler...) as seen in his grad photo -- on the right, SkunkWorks as seen near pizza at an Abattoir near you.  Go head, tell me it's not the same person...  Look at them!!  (...ignore the whole "neck / noneck" difference...)

The Abattoir has become the hostile for another animal -- a family pet has found its way to our doorstop this weekend, his name is Peanut.  Here's a little background on Peanut -- He's a front de-clawed, chocolate point siamese about 4 years of age, has a purr motor we estimate well in excess of 150watts (...and I know my Siams...) but he has a little issue -- his night caterwauling is exactly the same cry Myles gives out (...for those not in the know, Siamese have a rather 'distinct' cry, just like the French...) and he's also causing Infinity to burst into hives...  The member of my family who 'dropped the cat off' have attempted to find a good home, but if he can't stay here, where!?  If you love animals so much that them keeping you up all night is not an issue for you, email us!  Just look at those eyes!


11:00pm Oct07, 2004 

Oh, Canada...  How low will we sink...How tragic...  Nice equipment our country has for our brave men and women who serve -- don't worry about taking a bullet while peace-keeping in a war torn country, worry about dying when a piece of equipment you're trying to drive home after you just bought it decides to try and take you out.  Sorry, I'm a little incensed that our government is willing to kill our men and women to save a buck...  God knows we couldn't fly a sea-king out there to help, it probably wouldn't make it either; let me know when Wal-Mart starts selling submarines and I'll just flee to the USA.  So far the only thing worth buying from the UK best I can tell are Advent Baby Bottles (...no joke, they're great!..) Of course I can already feel my Aunt Monica kicking my ass all the way from England.  Still...  Ask Lieut. Saunders family if the price was right, Lieut. Chris Saunders, died Wednesday as a helicopter was taking the three crewmen from the disabled sub to Ireland for medical treatment...  Sorry for your loss.

I want my .10¢Tonight was nice, it was 30c outside with the humidex (...a scale which includes humidity in a formula to make us Canadians feel more like we're in Aruba...), sunny, nice breeze...  Isis, Myles and myself were enjoying the patio when the doorbell did the ding-dong; "Hi, I'm from Cedar Springs..."  Well Greetings to you!  Firstly, let me say this; the gentleman that called was a 100% professional and courteous identity, no harm or vengeance issued...  I said "you've kind of stepped directly into the lions' den you know?" but he was more than interested when the story unfolded of the unscrupulous acts of Cedar SPAM Springs back in mid April, who have yet to take responsibility for sending SPAM to my personal cell phone (...for those of you at Cedar SPAM Springs, please feel free to catch-up here...)  He was given a tour of the Abattoir.Net site, shown the LAN Minutes Archives that point-by-point displayed Cedar SPAM Springs lack of ethics...  He wrote down the URL and took my address as he walked away assuring me he would bring this to "their" attention.  Don't bother, "they" already know, they're just not talking...  Thanks to the companies who have pulled their product thus far, keep it coming.

Now to more important things...  We posted a poll on Abattoir.BBs asking you all if a shift of BTM45's date would be better for you; the people have spoken!  You've all said that Cedar SPAM Springs sucks, also, you mentioned that Nov06 is your overwhelming preference.  The masses have spoken and we're listening, BTM45 "Compendium" Edition has been re-scheduled to Nov06 -- for those who are already signed-up prior to the lock down on the date, please make sure you're good to go, for the many that this date change accommodates, there are only a few ports left so get your name in now...  The Abattoir has secured a grenade transport case (...circa: 1944...) from an antique shop on the way back from the cottage and has dubbed it the Swag Mag, we're putting the loot for BTM45 into a case, numbering it and the tournament winners pick a card -- You could pick a component DVD player, a digital camera, one of several 300 CD vault cases, a pocket USB drive or a fresh can of SPAM among other fine things up for grab...  Don't delay, sign-up today.



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