04:30pm Tue Nov 18, 2003 
It's a Boy!Guess what; “It’s a Boy!”  Isis had her ultrasound and according to the display, our spawn has either a penis or some kind of HUGE growth (...yes, let the MiniMeat jokes begin…)  They even videotape the ultrasound so you can annoy all your friends and family with video image quality that’s rivalled only by The Blair Witch Project (…at least there’s a better plot…)  Adding to the “things that make you go Hmm?” category, although they tape it to VHS right in front of you, there’s a one week wait till you can pick-up your tape?!  Doesn’t VHS kinda’ develop on the spot?  Now we have to find a place to put the little critter, so I’ve been planning on opening a wall in the Abattoir and taking claim to a hidden room on the third floor above the Lab; no sooner had this been mentioned to my new Father-in-law, I come home to a huge hole pounded through the wall and into the cold, darkness of said area…  We seem to be doing one hell of a lot of renovating around the Abattoir the last while.  We’ll have some photos later this week.

Quickie Leafs ScheduleOther news, we’re happy to say the Leaf’s Quickie Schedule is finally back online now, check it out for up-to-date info on all Toronto Maple Leaf games including game time, away/home information and scores of past games.

Other, other news, for our Abattoir Members out there…  Want easy and instant access to your Abattoir.Net email account?  Check this new feature out; the Abattoir WebMAIL Server is now online!  Now you can get at all your email from any computer, anywhere, anytime!  Not a Member, become one!


Remembrance Day (CAN) 10:30am Tue Nov 11, 2003 
Lest we forget...Remembrance Day is here, it’s the eleventh month, eleventh day and it’s even going to be eleven degrees today in southern Ontario; we hope everyone takes a moment at 11am to reflect in silence over the incredible, ultimate sacrifice that so many made on our behalf…  Never forget.

Thanks to all who joined us on November 1st for BTM41, our congratulations go out to all the winners who battled fiercely in what was deemed to be our most aggressive tournament so far…  A big hats off to Infinity who designed the tournament we all enjoyed, well done!  Our attention now turns to BTM42 and its planning; the date has yet to be determined as a six week period would land BTM42 on December 13th and with Christmas (…yes “Christmas”, not the “Holiday”, it’s called Christmas…) right around the corner, we think it’ll be a little too hectic attempting to occupy that weekend with BTM activity, so we’re probably going to push BTM42 into the new year, we’ll keep you posted, of course.

For the Supporting Members of Abattoir.Net out there, we’re growing yet again!  Last night was spent building two brand new servers to add to our growing collection of hydro eating computational devices; as such, this is forewarning that we have a planned outage of the Abattoir Mail Server this evening starting at 7pm tonight.  Please be sure that you have your mail client running and have grabbed any and all email you may have before this outage as it’ll save us many an hour of work not having to port over email to the new server.  Keep an eye our for the new Abattoir Web Server too!

Tomorrow is “Ultrasound” day…  We’re going to find out what sexual equipment “MiniMeat” has as Isis gets her growing belly scanned…  Wish us luck they don’t find a second head.


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