Full Name:
Steve DeRyck
NOV 14 1973
Unreal Tournament / Serious Sam II
Loves them all...


"You're the kinda' guy that would fuck a person in the ass and not even have the common courtesy to give him reach-around!"
Tech Support / Inside Sales / IT
Oakville, Ontario - Canada

How did
you get
your play

First used back in 1988 when I discovered ARPANET -- the fore bearer of the modern day Internet as we now know it.  Used for running 0-day ware boards Infinite Dreams and Altars of Mad ness...  Was just the symbol but since nobody could recreate that nor could I use it in an e-mail address I had to start spelling it out. Wasn't picked for any special reason other than the fact that it denoted an unabounded limit; In other words, unreachable -- add to the fact that I am one of those rare people who actually enjoy mathematics.

Infinity first found the Abattoir through Sn00gans and candie, when a room for rent became available back in April 2003, Infinity moved-in and called the Abattoir home.  Since a redo of the cLANetic-energy in-house network was due, we lucked-out -- Infinity has certifications galore but best of all, he has an insatiable appetite to build hardware...  He's been instrumental in the on-going upgrades and service enhancements the Abattoir offers, oh, and he's ROOT, so don't piss him off.  If there's any project going on around the Abattoir, there's a good chance Infinity's involved or even instigated it...  He likes pizza.


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