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Craig Milton
MAR 30 1966
Quake3:Classic Quake Arena
Rocket Launcher


"Oh the humanity!"
MIS/Inside Sales
Oakville, Ontario - Canada

How did
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I was given my play name when playing Quake; not to toot my own horn, but I was rather unstoppable and one of the first to discover the handy "aim at the floor and rocket splash the bastards" trick.  I ran into the main room in Claustrophobopolis where there were 12 people in a bloody engage, launched a flurry of rockets and left the room on the other side with nothing but bitties in my wake...  A player came in right after and saw the carnage and said; "Looks like the meat man has been here!"

With the sharp and handsome looks combining both Hugh Grant and Jerry Seinfeld, our hero MeatMan hosts the LAN Parties with the diligence of...  Oh never mind, you all know it's me typing this anyway (... Nice mug shot, huh?  All the digital editing in the world couldn't fix that face! ..)  Boys never grow-up, we just get bigger hard drives.  I love to game, it's the most fun you can pull from your PC, and doing it on a LAN scale just makes it all that much more exciting!  I've been into computers since the PET days, they're here to "entertain me" -- servers are built to run for the people, by the people...  After I encountered too much 'attitude' from Admins on other servers, I decided to start my own; that's when the "Abattoir" was born.  Gore in games, the adrenaline rush, violence; No problem, just keep it in cyberspace where it belongs.  If I had a purpose in all this, it would simply be to provide a safe environment where good manners, good sportsmanship and good times can come together, plus there's pizza.


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