A picture says a thousand words, sometimes they only mumble.  At the Abattoir we have cameras, lots of them, and big hard drives too!  The end result is, there's a lot of digitals snapped during the BTM LAN Parties and here is where we share them...  The Gallery page will hold the last BTM's photo archive, if you wish to delve way back in time, you'll need to hit the Abattoir's in-house Portal Server, a virtual oasis of media awaits the armchair voyeur --  Without further impediment, here are a small selection of pictures snagged at our last LAN bash, as always, the entire archive of photos in their full resolution format are available on the SuperFTP...

BTM62 "HD4U" Edition


The tables are folded-up, the chairs have been stacked and the Cheetos have been vacuumed up...  Thanks to all who called the Abattoir home for the weekend and a big thanks from the local food bank for all the canned food hauled over for our season opener!  Congratulations to Dave (BammBamm) Bamforth who won the random draw for an external Blu-ray burner, he also scored an advance copy of "The Black Knight" in Blu-ray...  Thanks to Horus, we also gave away a Logitech AudioHUB, Congratulations to Mike (RocketRobinHood) on that grab, it's sure to pump-up the sound on any laptop!  CommanderX also provided an additional copy of Left 4 Dead, Wink scored that after we held the draw three times -- the first two winners had just bought it and were downloading it from Steam when their names were drawn (nice timing).  (view)

(full-rez images are located on the SuperFTP Server)


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A Reader Says:
"So that's what a LAN Party looks like.  Expected more blood."


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