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Here in the Abattoir's LAN Minutes Archives, we flash freeze the rants and ramblings of days behind us and store them in the vault for all time - if you're new to Abattoir.Net, the best way to get to know us is to read up, so grab a cup of joe or your favourite brew and venture back in time; start from the bottom and work your way up (...that's our motto...)  There's lots to read too, we've been hosting the BTM LAN Parties since 1997, where the hell have you been?

2006 Season
JAN 2006

The Abattoir Labs have been busy and we're pleased to announce our latest creation, Chaz Tommy Milton - Get ready for BTM50

JUL 2006
FEB 2006

The Abattoir Server Room gets a major overhaul - EA Games goes on a witch-hunt and begins resetting peoples accounts for Stat Padding

Record-breaking heat - Pluto gets demoted - MeatMan eBikes - The T-1000 returns - Even Osama doesn't know when the next BTM will be
AUG 2006
MAR 2006

The Online Gaming Crew (OGC) site goes up - EA Games introduces their latest Battlefield2 patch - MeatMan bitch-slaps a world of hotlinking scum

Frank Sinatra sings - the world sees Tom Cruise's baby (big deal) - BTM52 Campbell's Soup "Frag4Food" season opener is announced
SEP 2006
APR 2006

BTM50 "Fools" Edition wraps up, Volrath walks with 19" wide-screen LCD and Ness takes home a Blackberry among other bootie handed out

Hallowe'en memories - Battlefield 2142 with added SPAM - BTM Frag4Food drive fills a table with Chunky - Someone gets hitched
OCT 2006
MAY 2006

We can't figure why EA Games keeps resetting our players stats and they're not answering the question; so we call BTM51 "StatPad" Edition; don't get EAliminated!

BTM53 is announced - people all around the world throw Nintendo Wii remotes through their TVs

NOV 2006
JUN 2006

BTM51 was a hoot as we end BTM Season and close for the Summer - ABNN catches a huge frag as The Four Sisters are taken down by explosion

BTM54 "500Gig" Edition plays out - Abattoir.Net's Mail Server gets a major SCSI upgrade
DEC 2006

MeatMan Says:
"To know us is to love us, or hate us; but don't judge till you know us...  The LAN Minutes Archives are the Abattoir's history; we use it just to remember what we did that week..."

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