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Here in the Abattoir's LAN Minutes Archives, we flash freeze the rants and ramblings of days behind us and store them in the vault for all time - if you're new to Abattoir.Net, the best way to get to know us is to read up, so grab a cup of joe or your favourite brew and venture back in time; start from the bottom and work your way up (...that's our motto...)  There's lots to read too, we've been hosting the BTM LAN Parties since 1997, where the hell have you been?

2005 Season
JAN 2005

Boxing-day tsunami devastates - Abattoir's SuperFTP gets an upgrade - RAID5 Terabyte+ Media Server goes up - Huygens probe goes down

JUL 2005
FEB 2005

The Abattoir posts the "Jack in the Box Voice Mail" and our servers get hammered - The NHL and players tell the fans to go puck themselves - How to keep your computer safe

Opened!  Wasn't that a party?  The Abattoir is back after two months of drinking, 'er, relaxing -- HL:2 comes out and the rants continue
AUG 2005
MAR 2005

Bill Gates is knighted - JetsGo strands thousands of vacationers - Mr. Gaiger takes Oleoresin Capsicum spray in the face - Slain RCMP laid to rest

The Rolling Stone, hurricane Katrina, the Abattoir Web Media Server goes online and we're giving away a Blackberry!
SEP 2005
APR 2005

Oops! I pooped my pants! - Terri Schiavo: Unplugged - Myles Art - Baby Impaired - Abattoir.Net's new Counter Strike Source Server comes online

BTM48 enters our second "Frag4Food" drive and the Abattoir patrons break down the doors with donations - Quake4 comes out and Doom hits the big screen
OCT 2005
MAY 2005

Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith hits theatres and Abattoir.Net gives away a car for BTM47

Camera Phones catch wannabe Darwin Award winners - BTM49 Omaha Beach Edition - The Warriors Page gets a make-over at last
NOV 2005
JUN 2005


The Christmas Season is upon us and there's no better time than now to start calling each other Cock Sucker Rednecks
DEC 2005

MeatMan Says:
"To know us is to love us, or hate us; but don't judge till you know us...  The LAN Minutes Archives are the Abattoir's history; we use it just to remember what we did that week..."

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