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Here in the Abattoir's LAN Minutes Archives, we flash freeze the rants and ramblings of days behind us and store them in the vault for all time - if you're new to Abattoir.Net, the best way to get to know us is to read up, so grab a cup of joe or your favourite brew and venture back in time; start from the bottom and work your way up (...that's our motto...)  There's lots to read too, we've been hosting the BTM LAN Parties since 1997, where the hell have you been?

2003 Season 
JAN 2004

January Abattoir Archives are void, we took January off...


Holy Crap! MeatMan and Isis get married - The Rolling Stones make history in Toronto and to celebrate, MeatMan rolls BTM prices back to 1998!
JUN 2004
FEB 2004

Thoughts.TMP, episode one: Lord of the Rings as the male perspective is given - Shuttle Columbia doesn't make it down from the station

Holy Crap!  MeatMan gets Isis pregnant - The Rolling Stones are history, now the Rolling Blackouts are here, the entire Eastern Seaboard blacks out!
JUN 2004
MAR 2004

Thoughts.TMP, episode two: My Big, Fat Croatian Wedding - still looking for ET - SCSI Terminated
Thoughts.TMP, episode three: Hormones 8, MeatMan 0 - What a BTM LAN Party this month!
JUN 2004
APR 2004

The saddest day at the Abattoir as my most beloved friend passes, Stuii Bobcat will always be missed - Infinity moves into the Abattoir and calls it home

The Abattoir's Server Room is built and LAN Central gets a make-over taking the BTMs a quantum leap forward, we even bought a couple iRobots
JUN 2004
MAY 2004

Our new LLAMA Tent (Little Local Area MeatMan's Abattoir) goes in, all 180 sq/ft worth - MeatMan's other Sister adds another tax payer to the pool

We find out what sex MiniMeat is - the Abattoir's Quickie Leafs Schedule makes a return and we remember those fallen
JUN 2004
JUN 2004

BammBamm does his first LAN Minutes update as MeatMan & Isis get ready to eat pig! - MeatMan's Sister adds another tax payer to the pool

The Abattoir's SuperFTP Server cracks the two-terabyte storage level and Abattoir Members get even more bonus crap!
JUN 2004

MeatMan Says:
"To know us is to love us, or hate us; but don't judge till you know us...  The LAN Minutes Archives are the Abattoir's history; we use it just to remember what we did that week..."

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