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Here in the Abattoir's LAN Minutes Archives, we flash freeze the rants and ramblings of days behind us and store them in the vault for all time - if you're new to Abattoir.Net, the best way to get to know us is to read up, so grab a cup of joe or your favourite brew and venture back in time; start from the bottom and work your way up (...that's our motto...)  There's lots to read too, we've been hosting the BTM LAN Parties since 1997, where the hell have you been?

2002 Season

MeatMan on the radio, Star Trek orgies, Dave Thomas of Wendy's passes, pop-up killers, 407ETR is on crack and Creach moves to Winterpeg.

Exploding mice, birth, flying saucers and blimps, Yatta!, Redneck Lazy River, burger 1on1, Abattoir Solar Troller comes to be and the shitty fortune cookie

The Abattoir Lab gets a turbo-prop fan, Canada takes the gold in Hockey, the Lab gets the finishing touches and the SuperFTP WebPortal gets ready.

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Patches, overheating machines and BTM30's date gets moved.

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BTM30's lost and found, BTM31 sells out in 6 hours, 1475 minute wait for a file?  Creach shows off his habitat and the Abattoir moves to ExaHost!

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LLAMA Lame excuses for missing a BTM, Cujo stands on his head, the Abattoir BBs is back.

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Bandwidth caps go in, BTM32 with a "twist" is played, ABNN News is first on the scene of a big fire, MeatMan flies a Harvard and we meet Jason Rouse

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MeatMan Says:
"To know us is to love us, or hate us; but don't judge till you know us...  The LAN Minutes Archives are the Abattoir's history; we use it just to remember what we did that week..."

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