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Full Name:
Steve McCoy
JUN 29 1968
Unreal Tournament / Half-Life
Dual Enforcers


"...are you going to finish that?"
President - MTC Computer Solutions
Toronto, Ontario - Canada

How did
you get
your play

Because it sounds cool!

Steve was the original cable-monkey at the Abattoir -- he took a room years and years back before the BTM LAN Parties were even held at the Abattoir...  He claimed to never have interest in computer gaming, when Unreal Tournament was first loaded on my machine, Steve expressed zero interest in the game; then at 2 a.m. I awoke to sounds of rocket blasts and "You like that!?" echoing to the third floor from the Lab below.  The next day he bought it.  One night while talking, we decided to make a huge wire trunk to run from the first to the second floor and set-up a few tables -- the Abattoir BTM LAN Party was born.  Steve owns a computer supply house in Mississauga called MTC Computer Solutions, check them out if you're company is in need of PC's or support.


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