Full Name:
Jeff Uyeda
APR 21 1987
Counter Strike: Source


Friendly Neighborhood Baker at Tim Horton
Stoney Creek, Ontario - Canada

How did
you get
your play

I used to play CS a lot, BunnyGutz and I would always be Solid Snake and Liquid Snake as we were die hard fans of the MGS games...  After a while we got bored of being so good =) and moved on to MMORPGS like Everquest and World of Warcraft...  By the time we got back into playing games like Counter Strike we felt those names didn't really suit us anymore...  I kept switching names a lot, one day in Civics we were talking about something with Government and we talked briefly about something called The Pnyx.  The Pnyx was used for popular assemblies in Athens, and was the birth place of democracy. I just decided that as it was a good name and had some significance and that it would be a good name to use... The "P" is silent, It's pronounced "Nicks".

Pnyx is new to the Abattoir, apparently I'm the only one who knew how his nic was pronounced -- at this writing, Pnyx has been to only one BTM but we think he'll be back for more, so he gets a Warrior Profile with a real vague comment from me on it...  I think we'll gather more detail on Pnyx, he's more interesting than Sodalas.


Filed NOV02-2005


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