Full Name:
Andrew Waterous
JUL 23 1986
Quake (any flavour)
BFG of course


"No good will come of this!"
Computer Technician

How did
you get
your play

During an online game of Quake 2, I was suffering from a rather large death streak and was firmly at the bottom of the score tab. Nothing looked good regarding my situation. Miraculously, near the end of the match, I began to totally clean-up and redeem myself greatly. At the very end I rose to the top slot and just then someone said "Well, looks like someone got his frickin' mojo back."   At that point it stuck and my name was changed from Jaws3070 (my original handle) to Mojo3k70.

Mojo's first LAN at the Abattoir was BTM38 back in 2003, he's been to several since and we suspect many more to come...  Skilled in the art form of KickYOassINquake, he's great to play against on a LAN; best of all, he's one of the few BTMers who doesn't attempt to eat his body weight in pizza when food is called.  Andrew's a bonus attendant for any LAN party and a welcome regular at the Abattoir.


Filed NOV16-2005


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