11:45am Dec31, 2006 

A month between updates, let's get caught-up a tad.  BTM53 was a hoot, CommanderX and his liver survived a Birthday BTM, Christmas has come and gone leaving yet again a massive trail of toys and battery swallowing gadgets, Saddam Hussein was just executed, the world lost a soul-brother as James Brown passes and president Ford is parked.  Next, New Years Eve...  Although late, we would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a safe, prosperous New Year.  As could be expected, it's been rather nutty around the Abattoir but here's a few quick notes of worth: The Abattoir's Mail Server is in the midst of a major upgrade as we replace it's core with a happy bank of SCSI's and a RAID card, we appreciate your patience during the service outage (no other Abattoir servers are affected other than Mail and WebMAIL).  Eek, the annoying feathered thing in the corner of floor 1 that wakes everyone up early on BTM morning has laid an egg, don't worry, we'll kill it.  Stu (LoneFart) MacDowell is alive and well in British Columbia, the new arrival is doing great, Stu's photography skills however are not.  I still can't find a Wii anywhere.  Other than that, we're ready for 2007.


The best part of a new year is being able to throw the first grenade at the years first BTM LAN Party (sure, there's other good things but this ranks high with us), This is official notice that BTM54 "500 GB" Edition will be on January 20th...  The Sign-Up page has been cleared and we are now accepting reservations so reserve your port now and get your name on the list.  Although everyone seems to enjoy winning wide-screen LCDs at the Abattoir, I thought we would switch it up a bit as far as our Door Prize goes -- at BTM54 we will be giving out a 500Gig Western Digital My Book Premium Edition external drive.  I bought one of these a month ago and fell in love (...in a plutonic sorta' way...) This is something everyone can use regardless of your hardware configuration -- it'll even back-up your system for you.  Have a safe New Years and we'll see you all in 2007.


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