09:00am Nov29, 2006 

Christmas is fast approaching and the hordes have already descended upon the shopping mauls to rape and pillage the perfect gifts for their loved ones...  Since the big camp outs for the Playstation 3 have passed and eBay has filled-up with $3,000.00 units from the scalpers, people are looking toward more affordable fun in consoles, like the Nintendo Wii (Wee!).  You could say, the Wii is starting to break into the market rather well, it's also starting to break into TVs around the country -- numerous reports are coming in about the motion controllers flying out to peoples hands as they play and crashing through projection TVs, Laptop monitors, Plasmas, ceiling fans, walls, windows -- who thought video games could be so violent?  There's even sites now like "Wii killed my TV" and "Wii have a problem" showcasing shattered screens and featuring videos of the destruction caused by sweaty hands and a weak safety wrist-strap...  Get a grip people.  Guess while playing bowling you didn't expect that kind of strike. (Q: What sound does a Nintendo controller make when it flies from your hand?  A: "Wee!!") (Cartoon image by Scott Johnson - myextralife.com)


It's now BTM Week and Wii still have a few seats left!  If you're a fence sitter, get off the fence and head to the Sign-Up Page and register for our 53rd LAN Party (and the last one for 2006) we have a nice comfy chair with your name on it...  Counter Strike Source will be our main distraction with a healthy smattering of Battlefield 2, Metal of Honor: Allied Assault, Quake 3 and more.  Don't forget, if a BTM lands within 7 days of your birthday, the event's free -- also, if you're a newbie to the Abattoir BTM LAN Parties (as in, you've never attended one) we even throw-in the Early-Bird for free now too!  It just doesn't get any better than this!  (...or stay at home and play with yourself, your choice...)  For those already signed-up, we'll see you this weekend...  For those thinking of signing-up, there's still time!


12:00pm Nov09, 2006 

Since the Abattoir has been receiving sign-up requests for BTM53 for weeks now, I guess it only makes sense to get the ball rolling and make the date announcement...  We are now accepting reservations for BTM53 "Christmas Carnage" Edition which will be held December 2nd.  Don't delay, head to the sign-up page and get your name in if you're joining the action.  Also be prepared for a good slathering of Counter Strike Source at this BTM as we'll be playing an actual tournament -- I want to see who the real Counter Strike heroes are; polish your ammo and let's get ready to rock!  (no Elmo's were injured in the making of this LAN Minutes update -- yet)


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