10:55am Sep26, 2006 

Consider this Official Notice of BTM52's play date and reservations are now being accepted.... BTM52 "Season-Can-Opener" Edition will be held on Friday, October 13th 2006.  The BTM is really on Saturday the 14th, but since this is a Friday the 13th we went with it.  (it's a marketing thing)  As the name suggests, our Season Opener will once again be an Abattoir "Frag4Food" event. Our success in the past food-drive BTMs are a testament to the good nature and generosity of our patrons; this year we're setting some guidelines though so unfair advantage cannot take place; here's the skinny: With most all food-drives, the intention is to raise levels in the ever important food banks within our communities, a chance to reach-out selflessly and aid our fellow brethren with a simple gesture, a meal. I don't eat "bamboo shoots" nor do I consider "Mr.Noodle" a real meal; I throw-out food that's past its expiry date by three years and wouldn't expect anyone else to consider it a treat -- get where I'm going? Since our 3rd annual "Frag4Food" BTM will again sport an awesome prize, we're going to do something that no other food drive has ever done. We're going to tell you what you can bring.  For details, check the Forum for the Soup Nazi rules...  Basically I've picked-out six yummy Campbell's Chunky Soups and posted their SKU numbers; this means we're saying these cans, in these sizes (Draconian!), these will be the only donations accepted (Bastard!)   You can view my receipt from Highland Farms in Mississauga, Chunky in our pre-chosen SKU cost $2.39 (all flavours) -- shop around and see if you can find it cheaper, just giving you a reference point... The Abattoir will even help you pay for them!! BTM52 will be $20 rather than the normal $25; we're even giving you gas money!!  I'll not disclose the prize at this time which will be random drawn from collected tickets, but let's just say it's flat, wide and bigger than before... Even Sodalas can figure this one out (No, it's not Horus).


03:25pm Sep07, 2006 

Last night I was hopping through 800 digital channels of garbage seeking mind-numbing distraction, I found Larry King Live on CNN; you know, the guy with the iMax forehead who says his own, full name, over and over...  He had the editor from Vanity Fair, Jane Sarkin, as his guest.  Apparently Vanity Fair was blessed with the exclusive picture-taking-rights to Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes new (miracle) baby girl Suri.  She sat there and drivelled on for what seemed an eternity about how she was actually in the Cruise home for five days -- she went on blithering about the almost religious-like experience it was to be this close and welcomed within the folds of the Cruise compound all the while accepting high-fives from other news casters for her exclusive story of the century.  All this to get the first photos of their daughter...  If Iraq was getting nuked, this would have been shown regardless.  Now for my take on it -- who the hell gives a shit.  Get a life.  The kids got a toupee that would rival William Shatners for God sake, take a closer look if you dare.

This coming Monday morning I have a business flight to the USA -- Mondays suck already, it just so happens that I'll be flying on Monday, September 11th (911 for the slower readers) and frankly I'm not too comfortable about it.  A buddy actually told me that if I didn't fly "the terrorists win", so I punched him in the throat.  I'll have to play this song for my co-travellers to keep them at ease.



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