01:01pm Aug25, 2006 

I think our solar system just went on a diet...  If you think Uranus is big, you're right!  If you think Pluto is big, you're wrong.  Yesterday 424 astronomers from the International Astronomical Union (...who throw real wild parties I bet...) voted to demote Pluto from a planet to a dwarf planet, lowering our official solar systems planet count to 8 after decades of dispute as to what a "planet" really is...  Pluto is so far out that even Hubble has to squint to see it, and since it's no larger than our moon, these brain-pans decided to strip its title.  Let's all rejoice now as every text book that references planets has now become obsolete...  I don't recall being asked, so I'll still call Pluto a planet just to fly in the face of conformity; either way it doesn't matter too much to me, my Son already pulled Pluto off of my Solar System model and lost it months ago -- he's only 2 but he's ahead of 424 scientists.

Today is "Bike Friday", an event that the planners hope will become a monthly deal; on the last Friday of every month, they want you all to ride your bike to work and leave your oil burning heap at home...  I hopped on my eBike Hybrid this morning and began the 30km ride from the Abattoir in Oakville, Ontario to my work in Mississauga...  Strange, I didn't see anyone else on a bike all the way into work, must have been due to the rain.  My "Strong GT-S210" electric hybrid is now charging back up to ready itself for the scoot back home -- my ride in was zero emission and I'm feeling pretty good about myself right now, except of course the diaper-rash-like condition the rain gave me.  Have a great weekend.


04:22pm Aug23, 2006 

CIRA launches One Web Day Tour to celebrate One Web Day...  On September 22nd, Canadians from coast to coast will have the opportunity to celebrate the first-ever One Web Day, a global initiative designed to celebrate the Internet -- spearheaded by the Canadian Internet Registry Authority (CIRA), One Web Day was created to connect the more than 21 million Canadians online either surfing, emailing or cybering  through the launch of a national tour to discover, first-hand, the impact of the Internet in their daily lives.  I'll save you the trouble of touring the country to answer the burning question of how the Internet has impact the average Canadian: 1) We have better access to pornography.  2) It has caused people I know to actually say "LOL" during a conversation.  3) I can now get an awesome mortgage rate and great prices on Viagra.  4) Any idiot can now have a web page on MySpace.com 5) I know too many people who will never again pay for a music CD or DVD. 6) My hate-mail arrives faster now -- Either way, CIRA has put up a site where you can join in on the roving adventures of Gavin Michael Booth, your tour ambassador as he crosses our country in search of Internet stories of interest.

Seems there's many an itchy trigger-finger for some BTM LAN Party action...  May I remind you all that the play date for BTM52 has not been announced yet, we're still actually voting on it.  Thanks for all the reservations that have come in so far since the last update mentioned "BTM" (including six from someone who goes by the name RocketFart) but as it says below, we do not accept reservations until the actual announcement of the season opening bash.  Go outside and play.


10:30am Aug21, 2006 

Forget the hunt for Osama Bin Ladin, never mind the bombs that reigned down on Lebanon, terrorists planning on blowing planes from the sky, Ba!  The big news story now is a possible break in the ten year old murder case of JonBenet Ramsay possibly by this crazy bastard...  John Mark Karr (41) sipped Champagne and ate pate, king prawns, and roast duck during his business class flight from Thailand to the USA after confessing to reporters in Thailand that he was with JonBenet when she died, he said he loves her and her death was an accident (Huh?).  Personally I think the guy looks like the T-1000 (Robert Patrick) from Terminator 2: Judgement Day and is missing more than a few brain-cells.  Must be a slow news week.

The summer is drawing to a close as marked by the opening of the CNE, fret not, that also means BTM LAN Party season is soon to start-up again!  We're taking votes now on the Abattoir.BBs for the play-date of our 52nd LAN Party and we want your input!  Hit the forums and vote for your preferred date -- once the vote closes we'll be announcing BTM52's date and registrations will begin (wait till you see what the door prize is for our season opener!  Wow!!)


04:20pm Aug01, 2006 

Welcome to August in southern Ontario and welcome to record-breaking heat...  We've been pounded with red-hot temperatures this summer but today bakes the cake -- at almost 50°C with the humidex (122°F) air conditioners are once again stretching the electrical grid to the breaking point (...guess the Four Sisters are rolling in their graves laughing now...)  It's so hot and thick outside when you open the door, everyone's first reaction is to squint...  I just came back from Tim Hortons empty handed; I ordered a large Iced Cappuccino and they told me it's not frozen, it's just liquid -- Armageddon!!  Drink lots of water, keep in the shade and don't forget the elderly and your pets.


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