11:00am Jun12, 2006 

How the mighty have fallen, that was the largest frag I've ever seen!  I caught wind last month that the landmark Four Sisters were coming down via explosion and gravity this morning and ABNN was there to cover the boom!  In June 1948 when the first spade hit dirt, the Lakeview Generating Station became the first 300,000-kilowatt thermal-electric plant in Canada, Lakeview was also the first of its kind in the world, providing almost 18% of Ontario's power -- called the Four Sisters since there are eight boilers 'sistered' together sharing a common stack, they now lay in a heap of rubble after the warning horn blasted at 7:30am this morning followed exactly one minute later by a large chain of thundering explosions and down they came, one at a time...  There were a few tears, there was lots of applause and lots of wide eyes and camera shutters clicking away.  The demolition was caught in Hi-DEF video available for grabbage off the SuperFTP shortly, but you can check-out some nice 13 megapixel photos in our forums right now.  Over Lakeview’s lifetime as a coal-fired facility, its employees generated more than 215 terrawatt-hours (TWh) of electricity for the people of Ontario.

Our last BTM of the season has passed and although it wasn't packed, we all had a hoot closing off the season -- now it's cottage and camping time as Summer rolls in.  We will be posting the opening date for our Fall BTM season kick-off soon, so you'll have lots of time to make sure that weekend's clear...  Thanks for another great season!


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