08:50am Apr16, 2006 

Happy Easter everyone...  Nothing to a child could more exciting than waking on easter Sunday morning to find a beautiful basket full of hand coloured, hard-boiled eggs -- I know it was one of my most thrilling things (note sarcasm).  Whatever it is you do on easter to celebrate the birth of giving mounds of chocolate to your children and hiding confectionary in places only the RoomBa will find 6 months later, we wish you a wonderful day -- we're having rabbit stew, but we're telling Myles it's chicken.


05:40pm Apr02, 2006 

Wasn't that a party?  BTM50 'Fools' Edition rocked the Abattoir from Friday afternoon straight through to Sunday evening where we continue to lob grenades at each other...  This BTM saw the introduction of the Abattoir BTM Prize Plinko Board -- after each and every round in a game, the top scoring players from each team had a chance to drop the ball down the Plinko board and claim their prize, everyone left with something...  Some won a can of Spam, some won floppies, others won All-in-One card scanners, monster theatre power bars, joysticks, DVD's, pewter mugs, flasks, $90 EB Game gift cards, matrix collector plaques -- even Girl Guide cookies (made from real Girl Guides); it was total Plinko madness.  The games ran smooth starting with Metal of Honour: Allied assault, Unreal Tournament 2004, Quake 3 Classic Quake Arena (MeatMan dominated *bows*), Counter Strike: Source followed by a large smattering of Battlefield 2 till the wee-hours.  No one was hurt in the making of this BTM.

Congratulations to me, I actually won the LCD as random drawn by Myles (MiniMeat) Milton but we re-raffled it after screams of "Rigged!" echoed -- on the second draw Adam (Volrath) Biondo caught the lucky ticket and took away the 19" wide-screen LCD, a fine addition to any computer set-up; good on ya!  Since it was our 50th LAN Party, we didn't stop there...  Infinity surprised everyone by giving-up the Blackberry 7520 he won at BTM48 'Frag4Food' Edition which was raffled-off after the LCD...  Congratulations to Justin (Ness) Harney who walked with that handsome piece of technology!  How do we do this BTM after BTM...  "Volume!" (...or gift-re-give...)

We once again would like to thank everyone who invaded the Abattoir the last 48 hours, again you've proven to be the best LAN bashers in the area...  There's over 400 digitals on the Abattoir SuperFTP for those who want to re-live the moment, or you can join the thread on the Abattoir.BBs and catch some images there.  It's the people that make the party and our track record speaks for itself; great crowd as always -- my respect in return.  It's been a blast and we're going to do it again before closing for the Summer...  Keep an eye out on the LAN Minutes for BTM51 'TwoFour' Edition, coming to an Abattoir near you.


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