02:00pm Jan17, 2006 

The Abattoir is expanding...  Just in time for BTM50 "Fools" Edition, we are very proud to introduce the latest edition to the Abattoir family, please welcome Chaz Tommy Milton, born January 15th at 10:33am weighing 8lbs-1oz -- both Isis and MicroMeat are doing great, little Chaz is a spitting image of his big brother Myles...  We appreciate all the well wishes on the BBS, which I'm bringing to Isis now at Credit Valley hospital for her to read.  She will be getting out of hospital in the next twenty-four hours and coming home for rest and pampering...  Check the Abattoir BBs for the play-by-play.


11:00am Jan13, 2006 

It might be Friday the 13th today, but for the BTM enthusiast, this is your lucky day...  The time has come to announce the play date for the Abattoir's 50th LAN Party!  Registration has opened to Abattoir Supporting Members who get first crack at sign-up, all other registrations will be accepted starting Monday (Jan 16th) -- if you're an Abattoir Supporting Member, head to the sign-up page and reserve your port now!  BTM50 "Fools" Edition will be held on April 1st...  Don't be left out, this BTM is going to fill to capacity within days.  No, it's not a joke, it's really on April 1st.  We're going to get down and nasty with Counter Strike Source, Battlefield 2, Quake 4, Metal of Honour and more so polish your firearms and let's get ready to party!  Please be sure you're able to make the play date before signing-up, we don't want any table space going to waste...  Wonder if there will be any pranks pulled?


11:30pm Jan04, 2006 

Yesterday's update was first on my mind while I drove to work this morning, it was good to hear the press has started spreading some talk about this exploit (...and well they should...) but there's still a sprinkle of fairy-dust about the issue as talk radio hypes this as a virus there's no cure for; it's not a virus, it's an exploit.  Okay, now that everyone's calm...  It's much worse than a virus due to the fact that the exploit is something that already exists in the Windows powered machine you're sitting in front of right now -- you don't have to "catch" this, it's built-in to Windows *feature* and now you are bent-over to the Internet should the Internet try to screw you. There are readily available tools flying all over the Internet allowing any savvy computer bug-bringer to begin bringing buggery before breakfast because bountifully broadband boobs bailed bed-ward before patching.  Microsoft's patch is promised for the 10th, It's now January 04th -- that gives the bad people out there six days from my keystroke to enter your unit by flashing a banner in your browser -- cool!!  Go get patched here.  There's a great rant on Internet Storm Center that sums it up Willy Wonka style.


09:30pm Jan03, 2006 

Here we are another year enlightened; first headline to hit me, "Huge virus threat rocks Microsoft -- Report says a newly discovered flaw could expose hundreds of millions of Windows PCs to virus." well I wasn't expecting that...  CNN reports today a vulnerability *redundant* in the Windows operating system that will allow any bad people out there to run a program encoded within an image file on a persons machine.  To put it simple, viewing an image on a web page can reset your VCR.  The nice thing is, it's not restricted to any particular Windows platform, it apparently likes every flavour all the way back to 1990 -- you're all vulnerable *redundant*.  The issue was discovered last week, but to snowball the entire problem, a group of hackers published the source code they used to exploit the flaw...  Don't worry, although your machine could be taken over by gremlins literally by viewing any image on any web page or in any email or in any instant message, Microsoft says they'll have a patch out by Thursday (Jan10) -- want to protect yourself now?  The good people at The SANS Institute have a hot-fix to calm your nerves while you surf pr0n.  (more)


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