11:00am Dec11, 2005 

'Tis the season to call one another cock suckers...  On Friday I made a delivery of a shinny new Kubota GL6500S Generator to a customer who was desperate to have it before the weekend, since I didn't have a Honda Civic handy, I used the company pick-up truck to make the delivery -- this lands me with a huge truck all weekend rather than my car.  On Saturday Isis took the truck to Square One to get a little more shopping in, even though she's 9 months pregnant, she parked on the far end of the lot; regrettably, her parking skills were lacking a tad as the back of the truck over-lapped into the spot behind her allowing enough space for a Smart car to park...  A few hours later she returned to find a lovely note under the wiper blade left no doubt by someone who is totally caught-up in the Christmas spirit, the note read "Merry XMas you Cock sucker! -- Redneck piece of shit!".  To whomever you are who wrote this, don't call my Wife a Redneck!  I hope Santa shits in your stocking.

We're getting close to announcing BTM50's date and we suspect this one will fill to capacity within hours of the date announcement; supporting members of the Abattoir will have first kick at signing-up, then the registration goes public -- although a date's not been finalized, you can lay bets it'll be late February as we'll need a little time for Spawn V2.0 and Isis to settle in.  Although we're not accepting sign-ups until the dates announcement happens, we've been getting many of them as players chomp at the bit.  We'll be posting our vote poll soon on the Abattoir.BBs, keep your eyes open.


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