3:00pm Nov07, 2005 

With the growing popularity of cell-phone cameras, there's an increased chance you'll not be able to pull stupid moves without someone like us taking your picture and putting it on the Internet -- this weekend we drove a pick-up truck to Brampton in order to retrieve some furniture at a Sears depot, because when you need to pick something up that's large, that's what you use; unless of course you're this dude...  Cam (Skunkworks) Wright caught me smiling after we watch these two guys load a full-sized dryer into the back of a micro-civic -- we figured it would be best to have photographic evidence in order to identify the object that was probably later found on the 401 or embedded in someone else's windshield.  The kicker was when they drove off with their arms hanging out holding the straps they "secured" their load with -- ten bucks says if they arrived at their destination with the dryer still in tow, there's a good chance they no longer have a rear window; proof again that our gene-pool needs more chlorine.

The voting is done, the people have spoken, now it's time to get your name in for BTM49 "Omaha Beach" Edition which will be held on November 26th -- we will be holding a tournament at this BTM and you can be sure it'll be Metal of Honor: Allied Assault.  Don't miss the last BTM of 2005, check your schedule and mark that Saturday afternoon off on your calendar then get your name in and reserve your foxhole.  Even though Pizza & Wedges won the vote, we're tired of hearing all the moaning in the forums from the Ribs & Wings gang, so we'll be doing both just to keep the troops moral up; bring an appetite, Isis will have the slow-cookers going for 12 hours on these babies.

It has been a long time coming, but we've finally started work on the Abattoir Warriors Page -- the layout has been done and now the real work begins as we move over and update all the warrior profiles; it's not going to be a fast process, so if you find your name in the listing but no full profile, just relax, we'll get to you!  If you want to bump the chance of your profile being published first, head to the forums and follow the instructions to submit your information and head-shot, we'll get your profile up faster!  If you want to know more about some of the people who stomp the halls of the Abattoir, head to the new Warriors Page and read-up...  It's like geeks on parade.


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