02:00pm Sep30, 2005 

This week saw the Rolling Stones thrill over 40,000 fans at the Rogers Centre in Toronto on Monday; since we all know what Jagger (62) and Richards (61) look like, I decided to show a different popular image of Toronto in order to attract tourists, the CN Tower.  Talk about a huge free-standing structure!  The 21 song concert was back-dropped by a massive 90ft tall by 285ft wide stage set, complete with two balcony sections for about 240 lucky fans...  Jagger once again thanked Toronto for its hospitality while rehearsing for their "Bigger Bang" tour then proceeded to put on one kick-ass concert.  I can't remember the number of transport trucks needed to move their equipment from concert to concert, it was some crazy number but all my attempts to find out have failed; I found myself on their official site searching for info, when I got close to what I was looking for, their site informed me I had to be a member -- I clicked on the sign me up button but slammed into a membership fee of one hundred dollars US...  I trust that would be to cover the expense of them sending a few of their groupies over to my house for copious amounts of oral, but I just couldn't bring myself to join.

As the weather cools, the rocket launchers warm-up...  The BTM season opener is just around the corner and there's only a handful of openings left -- those on the fence best confirm soon or be left out, we'll message you from the LAN Party on the Blackberry so you kinda' feel like you're there.  Don't forget, there's always the MeatCAM's.  Remember to bring your cans and pad your chance at taking home the Blackberry 7520 provided to the Abattoir by Bell Mobility -- we have inside information that David (Atari) Gomes is hungry for said hardware and is stock-piling canned goods, so show us your cans people and let's feed the hungry; just think, you could turn SPAM into a Blackberry! (...sorry if that was a poorly structured paragraph, I keep looking up at the previous image... it's just too distracting...)


 (It's 9/11 -- do you know where your children are?) - 05:00pm Sep11, 2005 

Time to get the 2005/2006 BTM Season going!  I'm sure we're going to fill to capacity quickly as we're constantly getting "when's the BTM!?" emails, the date's been picked and we're asking for help on this BTM again -- due to the huge success of BTM45 "Compendium" Edition as our first "Frag4Food" BTM last November (as seen on TV!), we're going to pull a repeat and see if we can't send some food to the hungry this season again with your help; enter BTM48 "Can'o'Whoop-ass" Edition -- Our season opener will be on October 15th and like last year, we're asking for you to bring your cans!  Each participant (spectator or player) are required to bring 5 items of nonperishable foods, but don't think you have to stop there...  Even after my Aug18th update on Bell Mobility, they've decided to jump-in and offer up a Blackberry 7520 for a give-away!  This is a spanking nice chunk of hardware (as you all know) so we're playing like this: For each 5 cans of food you bring to BTM48, you get a ticket; there's no limit, of course.  The BlackBerry 7520 will be drawn from total tickets (...everyone gets a ticket when they show-up, with their 5 cans of course...)  Thanks to Bell Mobility for their donation.  Winning a BlackBerry isn't the only fun thing to walk with, there's scads of other prizes from component DVD players to Back-UPS RS 1000VA UPS Power Back-ups, don't stay at home and play with yourself, it's BTM time (that's funny really if you know what "BTM" stands for)  The Reservation Page is now accepting sign-ups, BTM48 "Can'o'Whoop-ass" Edition which will be held on October 15th.  Let's see if you've got the cans for this one...

Since you all read the Abattoir.BBs (?) you now know that the Abattoir Web MediaServer is online now, accounts are free of course and the server will accept a wide range of files including jpg, jpeg, png, gif, bmp, txt, mov, mpg, avi, wav, mp3, wmv, asf, ram, rm, swf and a whole bunch of other acronyms you could care less about...  The server is on manual authentication right now (sorry) so there will be a delay in turning you on (...just like a Liberal convention...) so we ask for patience, please read the log-in screen for details, but grab an account now; we'll validate you as quick as we can.


12:00pm Sep02, 2005 

The situation in New Orleans continues to denigrate as Mayor Ray Nagin lashed out at state and federal officials for what he's calling an unacceptable response.  ""I keep hearing that it's coming. (relief) This is coming. That is coming. My answer to that is B.S. Where is the beef?"  Hurricane Katrina slammed the gulf coast with torrential rain which it delivered with unbelievable wind speeds in excess of 250km/h leaving New Orleans (...the city in a bowl...) flooded and for the most part, destroyed.  Now in a state of civil anarchy, the police have stationed snipers on rooftops to thwart looters now running amok -- evacuee Alan Gould said "We've got small children and sick and elderly people dying every day, small children being raped and killed, people running around with guns -- I'm scared for my life, my wife and my 5-year-old daughter's life. We don't even want to live here anymore."  The Canadian government immediately offered help, but there's been no official request for assistance from the US.  The Canadian Red Cross is appealing for cash to aid in the rescue and recovery efforts, personally, I think George Bush will probably just use the 5 billion dollars he ripped-off Canada in the softwood lumber fiasco, but if you actually still want to send even more of your money to the US, contact your local Red Cross; I'm sure the good people in New Orleans will appreciate it.

Guess we as Canadians are feeling the storm too...  At the gas pumps.  Just curious, we have all the oil we need -- why is the US situation sending our gas prices on an uncontrolled upward spiral that's predicted to continue?  Oh, that's right -- it's because the oil companies are fucking us.  Interviews with oil company executives on the radio asked to justify the increases result in nothing more than rhetoric about the North American market being one big market that's all tied together, what happens in the US, happens in Canada; guess we're just supposed to accept that and move on...  Prices at the end of last week were already at 0.95¢/L then jumped overnight to $119.6/L in most areas, this morning, we're seeing extortion rates as high as $149.9/L to greet the holiday long weekend -- I've already dug through some old boxes in the garage to find my 12' rubber hose -- guess I'll go out around 2am and "fill-up".

On August 20th we hosted a MiniBTM in order to give Battlefield 2 a good run for its money on the Abattoir LAN -- although there was lots of elbow room in LAN Central that weekend, we did have several show...  It was also Cam (CorpsE) Smiths' birthday and we ended the evening off with a little Ultimate Fighting Championship -- a great time had!  If you've not picked-up your copy yet, be advised that our BTM Season Opener will be coming-up soon and there will no doubt be a call for some Battlefield 2 action -- keep posted to the LAN Minutes, we'll be announcing the date soon!  Have a great long weekend everyone, play safe!


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