09:00pm Mar31, 2005 

After 15 years of legal battles and bleeding hearts, Terri Schiavo's time finally came as she passed this morning after her feeding tube was pulled (again) almost two weeks ago "allowing" her to starve to death in what's become a media attention trap across the continent.  It's sparked some heated debate on Abattoir.BBs, but be forewarned, there's some language used that's not appropriate for young readers (that'll make ya' click) (link removed for archiving).  It also appears the pope is not in good order -- apparently the pope is (from CNN) suffering from a high fever caused by a urinary tract infection, the Vatican confirmed earlier today -- one day after revealing he had been put on a nasal feeding tube for nutrition.  Humble Howard from Mix 99.9 reported "but luckily he has a living will that stipulates Terri Schiavo's husband is not allowed anywhere near the Vatican city." (listen)  So, since there's nothing else on TV tonight, let's swing to more important issues...

Yesterday was my birthday (BFDeal).  As a new parent, it's inevitable that the Abattoir refrigerator eventually will become the plasterboard for "Baby Art" -- the dreaded mangled images that our siblings create which others laugh at but we as proud parents hoard and protect like so much fine art.  The Abattoir fridge has sported the fine works of other parents children (family, friends) as well as various other scribblings and drawings from Abattoir BTM LAN Party attendees who attempt to mark their spot; now it has a sMyles original!  Myles made this for me yesterday as my birthday present (...his idea, I'm told...), this is the first work he's ever done, never has pastels been placed in his hands until this.  He did this all on his own, picked the colours, did all the drawing, layout, concept -- stunning!  Isis said he would have drawn longer and was having great fun, however she had to end the project "when he started to eat the red."  We will be selling limited edition digital reproductions in the Abattoir Store starting Monday -- for a small additional fee, your copy can be personally drooled on; a true gift of choice for art collectors near and far; all proceeds will go toward a fund that will prevent this bunny from being killed and eaten on June 30th... (or we'll keep it)   My cousin Todd in New Brunswick just had a viewing of this first pastel via Instant Messenger, he had this to offer, "bold strokes, bit of anger on the left, but has a peaceful resolution as you scan across to the right..." (wtf)

Time to start talking BTM LAN Party again...  We've been throwing a few dates around the last while but haven't finalized as yet; stay tuned, we'll be announcing BTM 47's date shortly.  We're having a tournament, there will be DVD combo drives given out, there will be fun had for all, there will be ribs, that's all we can say right now.


11:11am Mar11, 2005 
Yesterday afternoon in Edmonton, Alberta, over 11,000 RCMP Mounties and uniformed officers from across North America and the World attended the national funeral service for the four fallen RCMP officers who were slaughtered last Thursday by James Roszko (...a known 'cop-hater'...) at his Mayerthorpe-area farm.  The service was gut wrenching, emotions overflowed as officers chocked back tears --  just hearing the service on the radio was enough to break you...  When Milton RCMP Const. Judy Laurence heard the news (reports the Toronto Sun), she had to pull over to the side of the road because she was crying so hard. "You just think of those members' families waiting for them to come home," she says, her eyes as red as her uniform. "And they're not going to come home."  In stark contrast to the national ceremony, killer James Roszko was laid to rest in a small private funeral the same day...  Our prayers go to the families and their friends, what a tragic and pointless loss. (more)

This weekend begins the busiest air travel time of the year as thousands of sun-seekers make the trek south for Spring Break -- well, at least the ones who didn't book their vacation flights with JetsGo.  This morning at Pearson International Airport, the sky fell a little quieter than normal as stunned travelers were left "holding their bags" while JetsGo booths and banners were taken down after the airline suddenly shut-down at midnight stranding thousands of wannabe travelers...  Travellers with a return ticket to fly home were told their tickets were no good and to make other arrangements.  "We deeply regret that this had to happen. The decision to cease operations was only taken after difficult deliberation," said Jetsgo president Michel Leblanc.  If JetsGo needs a new slogan, might I suggest "Pay a little, fly not!"

There's a very good friend of mine who recently shipped off to Saskatchewan to begin the intense training required to become an RCMP officer, he wrote the Abattoir and asked that we pass on this public service announcement: "I am not really known for giving out free advice. Since being in Regina, I have had the good fortune of being exposed to many new and exciting experiences. As I work my way towards being a law enforcement professional, I feel as though this may be a good time to share some sound advice.  Should you ever find yourself in a situation where there are police officers present, and they are loudly demanding your compliance; whether you think you're guilty or not of any offence, please for the love of God just do as they say.  Do not make any furtive movements or sudden gestures. Do not challenge their authority. Do not tell them that you pay their salaries. Do not comment on their mothers. Just simply follow their directions. They know what is going on far more than you do at that particular instance.  Since the advent of Oleoresin Capsicum spray, police officers have been given a new tool. A very painful new tool. For those of you that need a chemistry refresher, here are some facts.   Spice heat is measured in what is know as Scoville units. One large jalapeno pepper has a Scoville rating of approximately 5000 units. Oleoresin Capsicum spray has a rating of 1.5 million Scoville units. I would suggest that you do the math, weigh out your options and see the attached picture."  Talk about red-eye!  Keep-up the good work, buddy! (ouch)

10:00pm Mar07, 2005 

SectionASorry about the delay in posting the happenings of BTM46 in a more timely fashion, we were pre-occupied with bailing out LAN Central when our Spa2Go decided to "go" all over the floor when a fitting on the pump snapped -- all's well after we managed to suppress 1,500 liters from flooding the Server Room, a replacement unit's already set-up and filling as I type; more to come on flood number two next update...  Thanks once again to all who attended, even the one who didn't sign-up but showed anyway (Sgt.Astro).  It was nice to get a little Battlefield 1942 in again, damned I've missed that game!  Counter Strike also made a premier at the BTM and will again I'm sure, now I understand why the game's so popular, "Oh, that's just MeatMan in the buy zone picking out shinny weapons -- don't mind him, he's new to the game."  Thanks for showing me mercy Volrath, Cyclone; my ego's not too bruised.

(...the picture looks more like "grope for pot" to me...)A big thanks goes out to David (Bitch'n'Heat) Grima who once again answered the call and came in from Beeton to throw yet another pair of breakers into LAN Central before the BTM...  Although there's already 80 Amps in LAN Central, another 30 Amps never killed anyone, unless you're wiring it near a Spa2Go; now if there's a power outage, our tech support team can really say "the problem's not on our end."  Although a round of applause from the gang rang out to thank him, Impaired felt a hug was in order -- we're so close!  There were also a few newbies to the Abattoir again this BTM...  Welcomes to Michael (Rennick) McCrea who attended his first LAN Party ever, I think he'll live, we may even see him again; and greetings to 'Hidden' who either pulled the most dreaded "no-show" or holds to his play name like no one I've seen before.  All photos for BTM46 will be up on the SuperFTP shortly, apparently there's 16.5 gig of stills and video...  Something must have happened!

The Abattoir would also like to take this opportunity to thank (...as all in attendance did...) Sheldon (Cibervulff) Towey for his most generous gift...  All Tim Horton's coffee served at the Abattoir for the next year has been brought to you by Cibervulff -- don't think for a second we don't appreciate it either!  Pizza and Caffeine run the Abattoir's inhabitants, the infusion will not go unmentioned.  Seems a long-time Abattoir.BBs lurker (...recently out of the closet...) decided after years of watching and reading to make a show at the BTM -- Greetings to Joel (FatElvis) McLean, hope you enjoyed the party even if you showed later and didn't get a whole lot of game play in...  Hope you'll come over for BTM47, I hear there's a tournament and caught wind of 2 nice DVD burners up for grabs.


01:35pm Mar03, 2005 

What's all this about Bill Gates being knighted!?  Queen Elizabeth bestowed Gates with the honour yesterday at Buckingham Palace -- British recipients of knighthoods are addressed with a "Sir" before their names; recent years have seen the creation of Sir Paul McCartney, Sir Mick Jagger and Sir Elton John.  As an American, Gates is not entitled to use "Sir" before his name, but he can put the initials KBE after his name -- Which may stand for "Knight of Bluescreen Errors" but we're told it stands for "Knight Commander of the British Empire".  Melinda Gates, described the queen as 'engaging' company, they had found plenty to talk about, but on the subject of computers, it seems the monarch does not enjoy the same passion.  "She said all the kids (use computers), and the computer helps to schedule things.  But she said for she herself... typing is not as natural for her as it is for young people," Gates said.  I just keep picturing Gates in a suit of armour -- it's all wrong.

The BTM is upon us!  There's still spots open if you or someone you know is looking for a great winter stress breaker...  Head to the sign-up page and fill 'er in!  Game suggestions for this BTM range from Battlefield 1942, Half-Life 2, Counter Strike (...for the first time ever at a BTM might we add...) and Metal of Honour to name some of the main players -- We're also itching to set-up the new Spa2Go hot-tub, but until spring arrives, the only place we've got room is LAN Central so come Sunday morning, if you're the die-hard BTMer and still one of proud left standing, you may have the opportunity to soak away the previous days battle scares in spa comfort while watching Penn & Tellers "Bullshit!" on the Wall of Quake -- BYOB (bathing suit)

Infinity has a message to pass on...  "The Abattoir is looking for a few good men (or women)! Over the years, the Abattoir has amassed a porn collection of nearly 120,000 images and over 40 gigabytes of video...  Duties and Responsibilities: Sort and organize the porn folder; it is in disarray and has been neglected for many years.  You will need to view each photograph, each video, title it properly and place it in its proper folder; duplicates need to be deleted.   A discerning eye is also required, as the Abattoir does want to take up valuable space by storing crap.  Previous experience downloading and sorting Internet porn would be a valuable asset.   Ability to work unsupervised a must.  Successful applicant must have own transportation to and from the Abattoir, hours are flexible.  Remuneration: Our gratitude and recognition worldwide by those who value your anal approach and dedication to this awesome responsibility." ...I would add that CorpsE has already begun the task, and it's safe to say he's working hard *ahem* but with extra help, the little folder that grew will be cleaned-up faster.


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