02:30pm Aug06, 2004 

...don't bother sueing me, it's just a play on words.What the hell's going on here?  Last time I saw Joe Canadian do his rant, a tear came to my eye...  When dude Canadian had his last brew nailed by his idiot roommate while living in the US, he walked across the border for his home brew to the march of 500 Miles, I stood and saluted.  Now we're playing merger games with a US brewing company?  Sorry...  I love our American buddies but to cross boarders on brews, that just somehow tainted Molson Canadian in a way that I can't seem to deal with.  I always thought beer was a local thing, we share it with everyone around the world so it can be appreciated and we critique each others brews; "Thanks for that Heineken, Tom...  With a taste like that, it should be called 'hind-of-Ken', now try my 'Canadian' beer!"  gone will be those days I guess...  But wait, Moosehead is an awesome brew too -- could MeatMan possibly change his brew!?  If I do, you'll see Moosehead's revenue go up...  Moosehead is Canada's oldest independent brewery, let's hope they keep it that way; for now I'll just ponder why Molsons didn't even call me about this first. *takes down Molson flags*

"Look out, BC...  Now it's your turn!"Now it is with a heavy heart that I announce the departing of Stu (LoneFart) MacDowell -- no, he's not dead, he's leaving us after hearing the call of the west coast...
  Many of you who know the Abattoir also know LoneFart; he's been around since the early BTM LAN Parties and has always been a hoot to party with and will continue to be, but it'll be the folks in Richmond, BC that will get the delight now.  Stu has decided to pack up his van, including his magic couch and take to the wide open road to start up a new life in British Columbia -- being an avid mountain bike enthusiast, he thought it would be nice to live where the mountains are, so he's moving and starting his own business; we all wish you the very, very best, Stu!  He's been equipped with a new digital camera and I have a strong feeling that we'll be seeing a lot of Stu in the months to come.

Okay, now as promised, we're doing Doom 3 this weekend Abattoir Style...  Once again, the Wall of Quake will be set-up and we're throwing the doors open for all who want to come over and beat on Imps.  A huge thanks once again to AVDeals.ca for use of the 'FlameThrower' projector and screen, if you're ever in the market for kick-ass projectors, screens, plasmas and more, call them...

This is not a 'MiniBTM' or anything of the sort, it's simply an open invite to drop in Saturday evening and have a crack at the hottest game out on the largest screen in the Abattoir...  Infinity will be your host as Isis and myself will be swinging golf clubs in the MK Power Products Corp. 2004 Golf Tournament but will be returning to the Abattoir later that evening.  I'm sure we'll be setting up and playing tonight too, so come on out and hurl lead at some hell spawn!


Doom 3 hits the wall 03:30pm Thu Aug05, 2004 

Well it's about time!  After what seemed an eternity, Doom 3 has finally hit the shelves and the scramble to nail your pre-order copy is on (...you did pre-order, didn't you?..)  I was expecting my rig to choke on Doom 3's intense graphics but was pleasantly surprised at how well it ran -- With nothing more than an ATI All-in-Wonder 9700PRO and 2.8GHz of processing power I can run Doom 3 at 1024x768, Ultra mode (..."purdy"...) and still play the game, although larger rooms with a lot of action in them can cause the frame rate to plummet.  We're getting a lot of feedback from the troops as discussion about Doom 3 rages in the forums...  Most are complaining that they can barely run the game, some not at all; my review is quick and simple -- It sure is purdy.  I do hold a little issue with the "monsters popping out of nowhere" part of the game...  I like to secure an area when playing, i.e.: I walk into a lab with 8 rooms, kill everything I can find, then explore -- I even beat the hell out of the corpses with my flashlight for good measure ever since one jumped up and poked me in the eye *changes underwear*; in Doom 3 there appears to be a lot of "closets" around that just suddenly open to reveal an Imp that just starts to beat the living bejesus out of you (...it's probably just upset that it was forced to stand in a closet for so long...).  Why are monsters hiding in closets anyway!?  I think the boys at id software have childhood issues that need addressing.  Although I've only been afforded a few hours of game play thus far, the storyline is developing and the game gets the thumbs-up from me.  You'll want to play this game with 5.1 sound cranked and the lights turned off -- actually, you'll have to turn the lights off just to be able to see anything, this is an annoyingly dark game to play and with creatures who like to sneak up behind you, there's a good chance you'll be a nervous wreck who is more paranoid than a crack head after about fifteen minutes of play.  If you run an ATI card in your rig, you may want to attempt a shot at their Beta Catalyst Drivers which have been tweaked for Doom 3 -- reports on the forums so far claim a great boost in game play, but keep in mind, these are Beta and thus not supported by ATI, install and use at your own risk!



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