06:45pm Tue Dec 02, 2004 

Yes, we’re still alive and kicking at the Abattoir… We’re once again large time overdue for an update here, but we’ve been busy stuffing our stockings so this will be a quickie for sure! First off, we would like to wish everyone a safe and festive politically correct holiday season, where you and your significant other may reflect good feelings upon your fellow persons while enjoying the light of your holiday festive tree or other such symbolic item of your choice… Screw it, “Merry Christmas”.

Now for the “announce the BTM date” part… Following our six week schedule would land our 42nd BTM on the 3rd of January, that’s just not going to happen, so we’ve pushed it back to the 17th! Members have already had exclusive crack at getting their name on the Reservation Page, now everyone else can; sign-up now for BTM42 “Mortarfied” Edition and come out to the first BTM of 2004!

Speaking of 2004; as always the Abattoir will be hosting a little get together if you’re one of those people who have no plans and nothing better to do, come on out and spend new years eve at the Abattoir, it’s free!


06:45pm Tue Dec 02, 2004 

That's a LOT of pr0n!What the hell is going on at Neverland?  Seems Michael Jackson is back in the mainstream news again on molestation charges as a warrant for his arrest was issued yesterday…  I don’t know Michael personally but I think we can all call this one from a mile away; granted it’s a known fact that Mr. GlitterGlove is not 100% “right” in the head, but I really think he’s getting a bum deal handed to him (…or at least he will in prison…)  The Mother of this kid, after being shut out of Neverland swore revenge on Michael, it’s not a stretch to see this is another money grab from a person who has already received so much from Jackson’s generosity; makes me ill...  At least CNN has something to do now; be prepared for O.J. style coverage on this case.

More Abattoir news, we’re happy to report the Abattoir SuperFTP Server is now running as a sub-cluster on the Abattoir Networks and has achieved a mass storage level of over two terabytes; I win.  That being said and done, we regret to inform it will also be off-line for a short time while the drives format; two terabytes can take a little longer than a couple hours, but we’ll be back up in short order!

More Abattoir Members news; as of now (…more accurately, as of when the SuperFTP Server comes back online…) paid Members of Abattoir.Net will now see a personal folder when they log on the SuperFTP; this folder is your own, private, secure area where you’re free to store personal files, be it for back-up purposes or simply to use as a device to transfer files from point A to point B.  We hope you find this extra Members service of use! (…you know, for $3.33 a month, you just can’t beat the value!..)



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