02:55pm Jun26, 2003 

It's a Girl!Well, well...  What a couple days, with a mere 2,820 minutes to go it would appear my Sister didn't want to birth at our wedding and decided to stroll into the hospital early this morning...  She just gave birth moments ago to a 7lb 5oz baby girl!  Congrads, Karen!  (...wonder when the next Minutes update will have anything to do with gaming!?..)  Sorry about the "Child strangling a Stork" image, but that's all I had time for...


08:36am Jun24, 2003 

I'm not Hog Wild about this!Wasn't that a party?  A big thanks to Donna and BammBamm for throwing together a great BBQ Party on such shy time...  There's a huge folder of digitals as well as cheesy video footage up on the SuperFTP Server, if you have any to add, please do!  I have to say, this is the first time I've had a large, dead animal impaled on a pole and bondage tied while slowly rotating over coals in my backyard...  I'm sure it's not going to be the last either!  My Father-in-law-2B showed early Saturday Morning with all the riggings, and proceeded to 'ready the pig'.  By early Evening, it was chow time and that had to be the best Pork I've ever had, second to none!  There's already discussion about a Pig'n'Spit Edition.

So how have 'we' been at the Abattoir?  Busy to say the least, but it's all coming to head and we'll be back to normal soon (...whatever that means...)  In the meantime, everyone still keeps asking if I'm nervous about the wedding.  Stop asking me, It's getting tiresome...  After all, it's still 6,240 minutes till 'I do' time (...not that I'm counting...)  As for the Honeymoon, we have nothing planned...  When people ask, I just say we're going to Hamilton...  "It's her Honeymoon, of course you can SuperSize that for her!"  We'll get our settle down time soon enough.  Meanwhile, my Sister Karen is about ready to pop...  She's due about the same time I say 'I do', perhaps at the wedding (...now that I've said that...).

Our Drone Server, "Buckwheat" swallowed it's own tongue last night, so the MeatCAM will be offline for a short time while I take the machine out back and beat it with a large stick, otherwise, all systems go...  I guess it would be prudent to start the hype on BTM40?  Naw...  Not yet.


01:58pm Jun18, 2003 

The Abattoir will be the location for the "BBQ Stag and Doe" for MeatMan and Isis.  Saturday, June 21st @ 5:30pm is the time, we hope you will all come out and start a week long countdown celebration until the big day (...June 28th...) when Craig and MJ marry and become one, providing the stress they're under does not cause anyone to self combust.  Come one, come all, and enjoy a great night out.  Anyone planning on coming out, please contact me (BammBamm) ASAP so that we have an accurate estimate for the BBQ and Beer.


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