04:00m May29, 2003 
Weekend AccomodationsThe Abattoir "LLAMA" Tent (...Little Local Area MeatMan's Abattoir...) is a big success, we're enjoying the Spring evenings in 180 square feet of 'West Nile Virus' free luxury, while eating delicious 'Mad Cow' infected burgers in an attempt to take our minds off SARS.  Yes...  Life if good.  Everyone's asking about BTM40...  The date's not been decided upon yet, we're going to take a short rest so we can get more weddings, babies and other matters taken care of first.  Yesterday marked the one month countdown to 'marital bliss' for me, it's like I'm awaiting the electric chair or something, regardless, we'll be posting the date for BTM40 soon so be sure to check back.

The long weekend saw fireworks of a different type around the Abattoir as Even (DieJestor) Smith and Cam (CorpsE) Smith both jumped the backyard fence and sprinted after four teenagers who decided it would be neat to see what happens when they shoot a Roman Candle directly at DieJestor's vehicle...  They were caught, the police called and the next morning I awoke to Isis, DieJestor, a Cop and four Tim Horton's Coffees in my backyard while the report was taken.  Full details to follow, because you're not going to believe the twists this little tale has taken...  Let's just say, "Well done!" to the idiots who wrote our Youth Crime Act.

All that aside, take a peek at the latest addition to the family around here; my Sister, Tracy gave birth to a new bundle of drool on May 06th, Pierce Andrew Rowan at 7lb 10oz (...now 9lb 13oz, she says he's "eating well"...)  Congrads Paul and Tracy, let the sleepless nights begin...

Many have noticed the lack of MeatCAM the last couple days, that's due to some new equipment that's been introduced to the Abattoir...  A new Drone Server (...called "Buckwheat"...) has gone in and will be taking over the duties of the MeatCAM as well as file serving local, print serving, scanner and burning duties as well as other taxing jobs so our brand new Game Server can concentrate on frame rates.  The new Game Server was put in last night and I played my first game of Quake3 on it...  OMG.  For the tech savvy out there, we'll post up details soon.


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