11:00am Apr28, 2003 
Things are real hectic around here right now, and I've been trying like crazy to get a LAN Minutes Update done, and it's just not happening!  Are there still twenty-four hours in a day, or has our great Canadian Government removed a few without telling us...  First off, thank-you to everyone who sent in mail about Stuii Bobcat, it was very comforting to know how many people care. Isis and myself miss him greatly and each letter helped fill a little piece of the vacuum his passing has left.  Thanks for that, Folks...

Time to talk LAN Party, it's only happened a few times before, but I regret that it's going to happen again...  Due to scheduling conflicts out the ying-yang with weddings, renovations, double sister pregnancies, new room-mate moving in as I type, we've been forced to push the date for BTM39 back one week.  I personally know two people who this is going to screw over huge, and I'm sure there will be a couple more, but I'm afraid there's little that we can do...  As of now, be advised that BTM39 "Boot Camp" Edition will be held on the weekend of May 10th.  If you've already signed-up, a personal notice will be coming shortly to you, please check to make sure you're still able to come on the new date, your spot's secure till you let us know.  For those who wanted to come and ended up screwed by the May 3rd date, lookie, lookie!  There's a few things you should know before signing-up (...too late for many I see...)  First off, we're in need of a pricing structure change here at the Abattoir...  The 'Early-Bird' has essentially become 'Day One' of the LAN Party as opposed to a couple people setting up the night before and enjoying a few games, as such, we've found ourselves with 15 or more 'guests' crashing at the Abattoir every Friday before a BTM.  This is all good, however, it's causing a terrible strain on a LAN Party budget that's already slimmer than me.  From this point on, the 'Early-Bird' will be an additional $10 for those who stay the night.  The BTM's remain at $25 of course, and the 'Early-Bird' will still be free for those who wish to set-up and get a few games in, but you'll be restricted to the hours of 6pm till 10pm...  What does this extra fee get me?  ...an additional day of throttling your enemies, a cold, hard place to crash and a crappy breakfast consisting of cereal, Pop Tarts and gruel...  I'd like you find a Bed & Breakfast for $10 that has a LAN Party going on as a bonus, hell of a deal!  Regardless, the 'Boot Camp' Edition will be our first camp out BTM, if you've got a tent, bring it along!  This is of course not mandatory, and the Abattoir has three tents already including a new 10 man tent condo, but if you want your own private canvas, bring it with you.  (...no setting tents on fire, even if SoDa's in it...).  Another request we've had, please bring deodorant and a change of clothing.  It would appear several feel they can survive in the same tee-shirt for three days, truth is, you may be able to, but everyone else around you is having a hard time...  As such, the Abattoir will be setting up the "High Pressure Febreze Cannons".  This will consist of two Karcher Pressure Washers (...already on site...) linked together in a gattling gun style and mounted to the deck.  Abusers of others olfactory systems will be chained to the fence and blasted by this high pressure cannon with cold water and Febreze until Staff feels they've been decontaminated to the point where they may once again join the public, or have no surface epidermis remaining.  Also of note, this BTM falls a week after Evan (DieJestor) Smiths birthday, bring cream pies.

The date for Isis and myself to wed has finally been confirmed as has the venue...  June 28th shall be the official date my manhood is removed and passed to Isis for safe keeping.  She's bought her wedding dress, the invitations are going out, and she's starting to get jitters...  Should be a fun ride.

The MeatCAM has been getting hits like crazy too...  If you need any proof as to the carnage going on around the Abattoir right now, feel free to take a peek...  As stated above, the Abattoir has now claimed another victim.  Steve (Infinity) DeRyck is moving in and calling the Abattoir home.  With him, he brings his stupid-big HDTV (...which, after lifting up the stairs to the Media Room, we've learned stands for "Heavy Density Television"...)  When you're over to the Abattoir next, take a peek in the Media Room at the monster, then glance at the stairs it came up, then look at the TV again, then back at the stairs...  You'll be in awe we managed to get this thing up without killing someone.  As such, the back of the Abattoir now looks like a broadcast station with three (...so far...) dishes up yanking in a half thousand channels of crap.  Seems we're coming dangerously close to calling the Cable company and telling them where to shove their coax.  Steve's been a staple at the BTM LAN Parties for the last while...  Now he just has to roll out of bed to be at them.  Nice!


02:22pm Apr11, 2003 

You're my Bestest, Stuii ever!Forgive my brief and non-gaming related banter for a moment.  Those of you who know me well are very much aware of the love I have for my animals, which to me are my children and very much a close part of my life.  Regrettably I'm having the worse day of my life it feels like... Stuii Bobcat, my little, orange, fuzzy Buddy has been going downhill for some time now.  He's around 18+ years old and has been the stable purring force of love I've anchored to since his birth, the call came to my work before noon with Isis in tears that I'd better get home now.  I spent my last couple of hours with him before Isis and my Mother left to take him to the Vet just moments ago.  Stuii lived a very long, very happy, love filled life...  Funny, all the things happening around this World right now in all it's bitter-sweetness, and all I can think of is my cat.  I'm off to cry for a few hours.  Good bye, Stuii; you'll always be my 'bestest Stuii ever'.


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