02:01pm Feb03, 2003 
Yes!  It's BTM Week and we're back from our little Winter Break and raring to go...  An entire month has passed since we signed-off, so there's a little catch-up to do.  We've got a full house again for this BTM, and I for one have been itching for some LAN action.  Forewarning is now being issued to all attendees...  If Isis approaches you holding thirty pounds of catalogues asking, "Do you like this centrepiece more, or this one?"  Just nod and smile, that's been the best I've been able to come up with so far.  Continuing with "The Male Perspective", allow me to introduce my theory on the female brain and how it's geared to work...  The "Flywheel" gene females have from birth manifests itself far before puberty hits as young women play "dress-up", "house" and other such marriage related things at a young age.  This gene (...absent in males as it's replaced by the 'driving' gene...) causes iron in the blood to collect in the brain forming a solid mass, or flywheel if you will...  Each and every thought regarding marriage increases the mass of this flywheel as well as its rotational speed.  When I proposed to Isis, it was like pulling the pins on a grenade from each ear...  The flywheel, now at an estimated 10,000+RPM flies out of their heads, throws sparks as it hits the floor and quickly accelerates through the wall at break-neck speeds, anything in its way is subject to destruction (...take note, the 'biological clock' doubles this flywheel's speed...).  As it stands, our wedding date has been set for June 28th, the venue is still in the air, flowers have been picked and I think there'll be beer.  I've been of little use to her in this endeavour as the most input she's received from me has involved head motions and grunts, but I guess I best start helping out.  My understanding is, I'm here for the ride, don't ask me questions with regards to flowers and planning as having clean underwear for that day is the most forethought I've produced thus far.  Perhaps a LAN Party wedding? Isis comes screaming down the isle straddling a redeemer?  Unfortunately, that's the best suggestion I've had.  Forgive me, I'm male.

You did put enough glue here, huh?My mind's still reeling from the news of Columbia's burn-up on re-entry Saturday morning...  Can you believe that within moments of the incident, the news agencies already started asking if this was a terrorist act?  Sure, it was...  Mohammed atop his camel makes a direct hit with his rocket launcher at an object over 63,135 meters in the air which was moving in excess of  21,800 km/h... Judging by how many of you miss the toilet during the BTM at a distance of 2 feet (...less for some of us, Ahem!..), I say you're an idiot to even ask if a missile was involved.  Do they always have to pop out the 'terrorist card' now?  Condolences to the family and friends of these heroes who gave themselves in pursuit of the betterment of humanity.  It may be premature to say, but I think everyone knows the damage caused by the insulation breaking off and impacting the underside of the wing 80 seconds after launch was the culprit, even though NASA had played that down...  Hit me with a pillow, no big deal...  Hit me with that same pillow at over 3,000 km/h and there's a good chance I'll cry.

We may just try a little experiment this BTM just for you folks who've read about the LAN Parties, but have yet to make the jump to join us, or live simply too far away...  We're going to attempt a rig-up with the MeatCAM in LAN Central to provide live 'streaming' video of the action, rather than a static image that updates once every 30 seconds.  We'll keep you posted here!


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