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05:30pm Wed Nov 27, 2002 
Bye, bye cable!Our ADSL service has been picked!  After a short but extensive search for a reliable connectivity supplier (...note how do not use the term "ISP", since Cgocable considers themselves one, yet you're not 'allowed' to use your connection to the internet to give or contribute, or you'll be violating your EULA.  From this point on I'll refer to them as "web page distributors" since that's what they really are...)  Our search criteria: Speed, we need lots...  More importantly, we need lots of up-pipe since the Abattoir's doing the serving.  You may be able to eat fast, but if the kitchen can't dish it out, there's a lot of unhappy patrons.  Next were the ground rules...  We run servers here, we intend to run many, we're not interested in seeing a list of servers we're not 'allowed' to run, thus we need connectivity, not web-surf permissions.  Next, a static IP, I really would like one please.  Finally, of course the price is a factor...  If it had not been, the Abattoir would have been on it's own OC3 a long time ago.  We got all that, with no caps or limits for a lot less than many of you may have thought possible.  Get out your cable bills, keep them by your computer, and tune back in soon as we revile who we chose, why, and what we got for our buck (...the juicy details...)  After, you can take a peek at your cable bill and do a little comparison.  We're switching over now, our IP will change, so the Abattoir SuperFTP Server and WebPortal Server will not be available till we can relay the new IP and everyone's DNS Servers repopulate.  Other than that, see you on the 'fast side' shortly as we start our "Move2DSL" Campaign  (...I told you we weren't joking Cgocable, Merry Christmas from the Staff at the Abattoir...)
HoT FilE AlerT 02:00pm Thu Nov 14, 2002 
Get it now...  No Waiting!There's never been any doubt, when Tom Clancy's name is on something, you just know it's going to be good!  Rainbow Six: Raven Shield is no exception.  Released about noon today, the multiplayer demo is sure to be a big hit…  That of course, is if you can get it. The PC multiplayer demo is using the next-generation Unreal engine, has a few maps (…including the "City Street Large" map...)  Weapons and Gadgets out the ying-yang, plus two multiplayer modes, survival and team survival.  So what are you waiting for?  There's no line-up on the Abattoir SuperFTP! *hint-hint*

The search for the Abattoir's new DSL Carrier started today…  My very first call was promising and we're hoping to have some great news soon, stay tuned!

FTP - Frags from The Past (Part 6/6) 03:20pm Mon Nov 11, 2002 
Click for Close-Up!Oh no!  Guess who forgot to upload Saturday's update!  I'm fired.  Here's Saturday's "Frag from The Past", Scorpio!  I recall a certain Friday afternoon when the BTM was cancelled due to last minute reasons, we sent out notice to all who were coming that it was off, but I guess Scorpio didn't check his email before heading over…  My place of work was empty as everyone headed out for the weekend, one manager was still in the back shutting the place down, when he walked into the front office, he found Scorpio (…who he didn't know from a hole in the ground…) sitting at one of the salesman's computers playing Quake by himself.  The somewhat surprised manager, thrown back that this stranger was in the office unannounced and sitting in front of a computer asked "Can I help you?", Scorpio said "Is Craig here?", when he was told no, he stood up and left leaving the manager wondering what the hell was going on.  That's the pivotal point when the BTM's moved to the Abattoir.  Now Scorpio was able to bring his own equipment over, including a flatbed scanner (…an important piece of equipment at a LAN Party…)  Scorpio's only missed a few BTM's when he's been out of the country, so there's a good chance you'll see him at the next one playing an online game in the corner against someone on the Internet while everyone around him plays Quake.

Let Cgocable take you ...  To the bank!Seems we're in for a fight with Cable again…  As good as Cogeco's been to the Abattoir over the years, it would appear they're about to render their entire network unusable in the near future by imposing a bandwidth cap on their "unlimited" internet service (…following the stupidity and greed of Sympatico…).  Starting soon, you'll not be able to transfer more than 5 useless gigabytes a MONTH over their network or be slapped with an $8.00 per gig charge.  Looks like people aren't going to be able to keep up on Microsoft Windows Updates now.  Understand this, Cogeco (…because I know you read the Abattoir…) as soon as this cap is put in place, I'll be dumping you like so much tofu.  Gone will be my full digital TV package as well as my cable Internet…  You will never see me again.  I hope your bean counters over there realize exactly what they're doing (…which is losing business, of course…)  So when can we expect the new Fall commercials?  After all, you'll have to redo all your commercials now since they boast the glories of your broadband and what you can do with it, like streaming video, downloading games, sharing your family photos, internet radio, shoutcast and all the other great things you say you can do with your service (…except, don't do it longer than a few minutes a day, because we don't want you to enjoy the service too much, other than that, it's 'unlimited'…)  Let me know when you impose this "Loss of Business" cap so I can cancel everything to do with your company, Internet access was the only reason I was with you and now that you've rendered it useless to me, I'll have to move on.  I know you won't miss the $150.00 a month.  Let's hear your feedback on this!  Join in on the Abattoir.BBs and let us know what you think of this cap in the forums.
FTP - Frags from The Past (Part 5/6) 02:00pm Fri Nov 08, 2002 
Click for Close-Up!Friday is upon us, and what a great weekend we have ahead of us!  The temperature's climbing to 16c (60F) for the weekend starting right now and the sun's out, looks like this weekend will be backyard clean-up for the winter weekend.  Who's today's "Frag from The Past", why it's Sputnik!  Paul's been to many BTM's and we hope many more…  Polite to the end, Sputnik will even apologize when he kills you!  Hope to see you at another BTM soon!  One Polaroid left, who's it going to be?

Seems it's Hollywood Friday at work, a Movie Truck just rolled in for a genset tune-up because now is the only chance he's got before his truck's needed back on the shoot location, but first Shannia Twain's Tour Bus is here to greet me when I got to work, it needs it's generator worked over for a sudden issue…  In the words of the Coach owner, "It still smells like Shannia", who apparently smells like "lemons" in the morning, Hmmm?  Here's a nifty shot of the inside of the bus if you're wondering where Shannia spent the last three weeks.  There's bedding for almost 24 people for crying out loud, it sports a nifty cocktail lounge/master headroom in the rear and a nice satellite tracking systems so you can watch your zillion channels on the road.  Either way, it was a lot cleaner than Metallica's Bus when it was here!  (…I ripped off an ashtray, I'm selling it on Ebay for $4,000.00 to help cover my Ontario Hydro Bill this month, forgive me, Shannia!..)

FTP - Frags from The Past (Part 4/6) 03:32pm Thu Nov 07, 2002 
Click for Close-Up!Who do we have today?  Well lookie, lookie…  It's Creeping Death, or just Creep as he's called now.  Patrick never liked his shot taken, nor when I called him Patrick…  I'm not too sure, but I think he's part of the Witness Protection Program or something, which doesn't make any sense seeing as he has a Warriors Profile on the Abattoir.  Either way, Creep is a member of the band Endorphins (…take a listen to a free clip via the Abattoir SuperFTP Server of their song "Pussy Killer", it's a love song, I think…)  I can't remember the last time Creep was over, but he always came with Macross, so it's been a while!  Wonder who's up for tomorrow?
FTP - Frags from The Past (Part 3/6) 10:45am Wed Nov 06, 2002 
Click for Close-Up!Many of you old time BTM'ers would remember this guy, Big D was the Abattoir's original roommate when I bought the joint…  His boisterous laugh was infectious to say the least, and always fun to shoot in the back, however, my Mother always taught me, if you don't have anything good to say about someone, don't say anything at all.  Since I personally bailed this guy out of financial trouble time and time again, he rewarded my good nature by racking up over $3,800.00 worth of debt to me, then took off.  His whereabouts is unknown at this time, but I would hope it probably involves a small cubed room with lots of wrought iron decor.  If you see him, frag on site.  I'm sure we'll have something nice to say about tomorrows "Frag from the Past".

Is it worth it?As I said yesterday, I've been attempting to download the wacky physics video "Owned" from FilePlanet...  After five failed attempts to get this file (...which at this point, had now become more of an obsession...) I caved.  Each download from the Public Servers had a wait time no less than 70 minutes, and after the fifth timeout I lost it...  The link "You don't have to wait in line!" stared at me, burning into the back of my retina, I couldn't fight it anymore...  "After all, GameSpy's been good to the Abattoir in the past, the least I can do is try a subscription..." I rationed.  So off to the page I went, filled in all my info and punched the process button.  Just like that, GameSpy Industries sucked $xx of my favourite monies from my account and my status at GameSpy was raised to God level.  So what does this all do for me?  Well, firstly and foremost is the fact that I no longer wait for any download as I'm shuttled off, first class to a Personal Server which sits on a higher bandwidth pipe than the Public Servers.  This one factor is reason alone to get a subscription, but there's also the other perks...  Priority Tech Support (...which I've just tested with a quick question, so we'll let you know how well that works shortly...) as well as first, exclusive shot at playing some beta's.  There's also the nice bonus of being able to click one button, and almost all of the advertising on GameSpy networks goes bye-bye, this helps make your surfing a good deal faster.  So now the question on everyone's mind...  "How much faster is it?"  In my case, it was instantly 70 minutes faster (...since the line issue is no longer an issue...)  Last night I pulled down my file at over 120k/sec, and the file finished with the bit rate still climbing!  Is it worth the cash?  That's up to you, for the time being, I'll just stand at the front of the line and enjoy my view from here.  I wonder if Fargo at GameSpy would be interested in giving us a couple subscriptions for a BTM giveaway?

FTP - Frags from The Past (Part 2/6) 07:00pm Tue Nov 05, 2002 
Click for Close-Up!Day two...  Who do we have here?  It's our long time, so see, no hear from Buddy, Macross!  Don't judge by the hair, he's a great guy!  I can't really tell you too much about Luke, since he's not said "Boo!" in years, but I know he still checks into the Abattoir once and again, so we're hoping he'll see this and give us a clue as to what he's up to.  Luke!  Call us, we know you're out there!  (...if no response from you is received by Friday, we'll publish the 'other' Polaroid...)

Regarding the SuperFTP...  Yes it's up, no we don't hate you now that you've discovered you can't log on, however, read an update now and again...  You have to reapply!  We're getting a lot of hate mail at the Abattoir from people who think they've been cut off (...why am I typing this, they don't read it?!..)  On the same train of thought, we'll mention that due to bandwidth 'concerns', the SuperFTP is limited to 12 connections at a time.  There, I answered your question!  We've had complaints that people are getting a "Too many Users" message, what this message really means is that, at the precise time YOU were trying to connect to the SuperFTP, there were ALREADY many people just like YOU, who where there already...  This means, although they're just like you, they're a little faster than you.  We're sorry, there's nothing we can do about that right now.

Speaking of "Sick of Waiting" syndrome, guess who, after attempting to download a stupid short movie called "Owned" (Battlefield 1942) for the FIFTH time from FilePlanet, finally caved and purchased a year's subscription...  You already know the answer, me.  Okay, so now I have my "own personal server" on the great Planet...  Now for my sixth attempt to download.  You want my true evaluation of FilePlanet's rather pricey "Subscription" Fee?  Tomorrow...

FTP - Frags from The Past (Part 1/6) 03:00pm Mon Nov 04, 2002 
Click for close-upWould you take a guess at what I found hidden away in my desk…  Polaroids! (…we all have some hidden away somewhere, I'm sure…) but unlike the common self-portraits while standing naked in a mirror type shots most enjoyed by users of this photo format, these are shots from way back of the early BTM's when they were back at my work!  So for the sake of showing off our BTM heritage, the Abattoir is very proud to introduce it's first week long mini-series…  "FTP - Frags from The Past".  Sit back, sip on Coco and be sure to tell any friends to check the Abattoir, if you've attended the very early BTM's, you just may see your mug here this week!  Let's see our first Poster Child for FTP.

Who doesn't know this smiling face!?  Yes, it's our own "Sgt.Slaughter" as seen here in a very rare photo showing a bottle of alcoholic beverage nearby.  Since Sgt.Slaughter works right around the corner from my place of employment, he never missed a chance to come over and throw a rocket around after hours.  It's difficult to date this picture, especially because Sgt.Slaughter hasn't aged at all over the years, but our best carbon-dating tells us this image was captured somewhere around the Summer of 1997.  Sgt.Slaughter was always fun to play against, each time you killed him, he'd either giggle or yell "Crappers!".  You could rest assured even if he had 8 health he'd be the first to jump into a battle when he heard nearby fire (…and as such, you'd hear a lot of "Crappers!"…)  Sgt.Slaughter is now President of MTC Computers and although he's not been to an actual BTM in quite some time, I know we can convince him to show if I threaten him with the other Polaroids we've found.  Who's up for tomorrow?  Find out…

04:00pm Fri Nov 01, 2002 
Oops!  Looks like there's another quick date shuffle happening…  It would also appear I have no ability to count, either way, the date posted for BTM36 "Special TwiSt" Edition is incorrect, you may publicly flog me at will.  The correct date should be December 7th, for those of you who have already signed-up, we'll leave you on the Reservation Page unless you tell us otherwise, but please check your calendars to make sure you're able to come…

Hope everyone had a safe and scary Halloween…  Traffic in our area picked-up and we actually were able to give out most of our candy (…that, and I didn't buy 10 crates of super-sized Mr. Big bars this year…)  There were a lot of great costumes, but I think I recognized this guy…  Cyclone came to BTM35 in full gear and I think he would be upset if I didn't at least throw a mention in.

The weekend's here and we just got nailed with our first snowfall / blizzard…  Gone as quick as it came, but caused over 100 traffic accidents in the short two hours the fluffy stuff blew through...  Man, Ontario drivers really do suck.  I also understand there's going to be something rather special on the Abattoir SuperFTP by later tonight…  If you don't have an account yet, you might want to send that request in now. *hint*  Have a great weekend, and remember, don't use any hydro.

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