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04:00pm Fri Sep 27, 2002 
Once again a million years between updates (…and with the way things are going right now, as I type this I'm doubtful I'll even get a chance to post it!..)  My sister's weddings is tomorrow, my parents 40th anniversary is Sunday… All of these 'festivities' are taking place at my parents new estate that's not even finished yet!  CorpsE, DieJester, Skunkworks and Vitolagy all pitched in with a massive two day move-a-thon to get as much of my parents belongings into the new abode as possible…  After lugging china cabinets and giant teak and oak this and that,  Skunkworks and myself determined that almost everything my parents own is made of a newly discovered compound called "Heavy".  CorpsE just sent in an email saying "No wonder it hurts to walk" with webcam shots of his leg and knee all black and blue from the move.  Although I'm walking a little "slower" this morning, we're looking forward to a great weekend (…regardless of what Hurricane what's-its-face is dumping right now…)  I'll try to keep count on the number of things that go wrong and I'll report back after therapy.

Our Abattoir Nite Out 2 was a huge success… Twelve lucky Abattoir Members all piled into vans and headed out to the CBC for "The Red Green Show" taping, my whole plan was to bring a huge roll of duct tape for Steve (Red) to sign, and of course with all the hubbub going on, I forgot to bring it.  Just a note for you folks who may wish to attend a taping, if you wear a lumberjack-like shirt, or anything that even looks remotely "Red Greenish", suspenders for instance, you'll be selected from the audience to participate in the final scene when they have their basement meeting at Possum Lodge.  Cam (Skunkworks) Smith was tagged and captured for said scene,  he also nailed a roll of Duct Tape from the set thinking it was one I was handing him and had it signed, what a lucky bugger!  Even candie got into the spirit by making this wonderfully comfortable Duct Tape Bra, nice job!  "Remember, if the women don't find you handsome, they should at least find you handy!"  Keep an eye out for Abattoir Nite Out 3!  Till then, keep your stick on the ice.

Although BTM35 is a month away, there's still room for one more person on the Reservation Page, so if you've been teetering on the edge about seeing a BTM in person, watching the Abattoir, hearing about all the great times had at the BTM's, wondering when you should make the leap and come out, will they like me?.. allow us to push you over the fence you're sitting on…  *shove*  There, now sign-up and grab that last spot before everyone thinks your odd, we probably won't like you anyway…  We just keep SoDaLaS around as a beating stick, we're looking for someone stranger than him to pick on.  Sign-Up now!

08:30am Thu Sep 12, 2002 
Scary Door Prize!Finally!!  Yes, the date's been posted for BTM35 "Ghouls with Grenades" Edition to be held Octoboo 26th!  You can all blame BammBamm for the delay!  Either way, this will be our 35th LAN Party, and for this one we're bumping the admission to $30…  What!?  Yes, BTM35 will be a $30 event (…don't panic you cheap-ass', it'll be back to $20 for BTM36…)  We're going for a little Door Prize action this time, some scary ghoul attending BTM35 will walk away with our random drawn 21" Monitor!!  You heard right, we're giving away a 21" Monitor -- Now THAT'S a door prize!  (…or if you prefer, we'll just give out a bag of Doritos like other LAN Parties…)

We also have a new record for "Fastest Sign-Up for a BTM" going to Skunkworks!  Apparently Skunk was watching the MeatCAM last night and noticed I was doing the banner graphic for the top of the Abattoir, knowing that the banner is the first official thing to get posted, he opened the Sign-Up Page, filled it out, then opened another browser, sat back and pressed 'refresh'.  As soon as the banner changed, he pressed Send…  Congratulations, Skunkworks…  It took you a whole 6 seconds after the date went up to get your name in, you may now yell Yatta!  We're over half full already, so best be getting your name in fast!  Don't forget, even when we're full, you can still come as a Spectator, every attendant will have a shot at winning the 21" Monitor, so don't delay…

As talked about in the forums on Abattoir.BBs, we're going to have a little "unofficial MiniBTM" to celebrate the release of Unreal 2003 Demo which is coming out soon!  Be ready, because there will not be much warning on this!  (…we realize many of you cannot go 8 weeks without a BTM, so we'll help out those of you who are jonesing already…)  Watch the Minutes!

Smallest Update Ever (New Record)  09:30pm Tue Sep 10, 2002 
Hang on...  Still talking.
Smallest Update Ever  07:45pm Tue Sep 10, 2002 
Nope...  We've not nailed it down yet!  (...I know I said 7pm, we're working on it...)
02:00pm Tue Sep 10, 2002 
The Never Ending Story...Again we have to apologize for the delays in getting updates done around here…  We've been super busy, what with all the Microsoft Windows Updates we've had to endure over the last two weeks.  I swear, I think Microsoft is working in tandem with ISP's to push everyone who has any kind of bandwidth limits imposed on them over the edge…  Almost every day now for the last two weeks there's been a "critical update" to fix yet another security flaw…  Now that all the patching is done, this morning I'm politely informed by Windows that there's something else in the 20Meg range to download…  Yes, it's Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 Service Pack 1 (…Hurray!  Now after loading this, I can start on all the new updates to fix the bugs in this…)  All I can say is, I really feel for the poor buggers out there still on a 33.6k modem with more than one computer who are actually attempting to keep their machines up to date.  Oh, and by the way, after installing the Service Pack, you'll want to go right back into Windows Update and install the security fix for the Service Pack you just installed…  Makes me wonder.  Best of luck to you!

As always, BTM was a hoot!  Battlefield 1942 dominated at this last BTM, and for good reason!  If you've not yet grabbed the demo for this outstanding team FPS, head to the Abattoir SuperFTP and nail it now!  Don't have an account?  Well it's free, so why not just ask! (…give us your name, play alias and a password…).  As mentioned in the last update, the SuperFTP and Web Portal Server has been rebuilt from scratch…  With our new Server and the DNS action Exahost is providing (…thanks again, Pete!..) we'll be redoing "MeatMan's Big, Hard, Drive" (MBHD) soon with controlled links, so watch for it!  We also will be setting up some new game servers soon, these servers will reside on a 3Mbit pipeline, allowing for larger server volumes without lag, plus they'll be located on a separate pipe from the SuperFTP Server, so no more bandwidth issues!  (…sorta'…).

Here's a quick "Abattoir LAN Party Ingenuity Award" for you, Josh (vs9) Becigneul came to BTM34 via Via (…say that three times fast!..) Rail from Windsor…  To minimize his cargo, he requested in advance if the Abattoir could supply a monitor (…which we're happy to do, and yes, they're limited quantity, so don't start asking just because you're lazy…) he then proceeded to remove the motherboard from his PC, along with all pertinent cards and drives, then packed it all into his original motherboard box, stuffed it all in a small knapsack and jumped onto his train.  Once arriving at the Abattoir, a quick plug together and he was up and running, no cooling issues to worry about either!  That's using your head, Josh!  Congratulations, you can pick-up your "Abattoir LAN Party Ingenuity Award" can'o'spam at the next BTM!

The Abattoir Staff has but their heads together and we've come up with BTM35's date, but we won't be announcing anything till tonight!!  So be sure to check back after 7pm today, then get your name in fast!!  You won't want to miss this Fall Edition, we're thinking of giving a little Door Prize action for our 35th LAN Party… (…Gee, and maybe launch SoDa's stupid mouse into space, we forgot to do that!  DoH!..).  Oh, and for those who were graced by the Town of Oakville's Parking Nazi's, the 6th call has been made…  I'm digitally recording them all.  We'll let you know how things turn out <GriN!>

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