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04:30pm Fri Aug 30, 2002 
My head's going to explode!  Wow, what a long time between updates, and I'm hurting myself just to get this one in before our 34th BTM fires up tonight!  We've been busy, busy, busy!  One Abattoir Game Server just bit the dust.  CorpsE's dual unit smoked the other week and we've bounced into action to effect repairs, updates to follow, but don't worry, it's not effected anything other than two game servers.  Time to rebuild anyway!  If anyone knows of a good motherboard that will support dual Celeron processors, please speak-up, cuz we sure as hell can't seem to find one!

Take a lookie at this little dandy item!  SkunkWorks came across this "Key Chain FireWire Hard Drive" and forwarded to link to me.  Impressive stats from little beast, it slaughters all other flash drives in speed by a huge stroke!  The review says the following in wrap-up; Pros: Frickin' fast!, Bootable on MacOS, Built to last forever.  Cons: Somewhat expensive, Brick design is cumbersome, FireWire port should be 'male', Need to carry a cable around, No LED status lights.

The "Abattoir Nite Out - Part II" has closed it's doors on reservations, if you've not yet checked out the Forums on the Abattoir.BBs, we have a planned outing to see a taping of The Red Green Show on September 18th (...another reason you should have a login for the Abattoir.BBs if you don't already...  Remember, membership has its privledges...)  I've bought I giant roll of Duct Tape and told the Red Green crew I'm expecting it signed.

Till Deathmatch, do we part!Now for a little non-Abattoir related news, but worthy in my humble opinion…  My younger sister Tracy just had the 'question' popped on her!  Congratulations, Paul and Tracy…  Perhaps your wedding guests would like a little LAN Party action at the reception?  Think about it…  It could be fun!  "Till Deathmatch do we part!"

On very much Abattoir related news, as many of you many now know, our Abattoir SuperFTP Server has been completely rebuilt, we're 350+ Gigabytes of storage strong now and good to go, but with the building of our new Server, we've decided not to copy over the User Base, so you'll all have to email me a new password!

Gotta run, I hear the Coke Machine's out of Beer and we still have 3 million things to do before people start ringing the Abattoir's doorbell for tonight's Early-Bird set-up…  Have a great and safe long weekend, and if you're coming to BTM34, we'll see you tonight or tomorrow!

04:45pm Fri Aug 02, 2002 
Let's Rock-It!Lot's of great stuph happening in the heat of the day around the Abattoir.  Canadian Tire didn't meet their "express" delivery date, but that was due to a backorder situation according to their Customer Service Department…  Without being asked, however, they did do their best to make-up for it.  They're doing a multiple ship (…which they usually don't do, apparently…) so my Solar Panels arrived the day after I called to ask "what's up?".  I spread the Solar Panels out on the table outside and began winding them together in parallel, the negative lead that I had twisted together did a little swing in the air while I was twisting the positive leads together with my fingers and touched my elbow…  Yup!  They're working!  Nice jolt too, I jumped pretty good.  We're hoping to start a little tinkering with the "Solar Troller" this long weekend.

A big thanks to Peter (Rex) Gaiger at Exahost for his help, we finally have a little DNS action working for us.  From this point on, you can reach the Abattoir SuperFTP Server, and the Abattoir Portal Servers at and, no more checking for IP's.  Thanks again, Pete!  You may also notice that the Abattoir Site and Abattoir BBs are running much faster now too...  It's a wonder what you can do with a web server that has 11 processors in it, huh?  (...inside joke, don't try to understand...)

As you can see by the change in our Logo atop, the date's been set for BTM34 "Rock-It!" Edition…  Just a short 30 minutes after uploading the top logo, we had 7 registrations come in!  August 31st will be our next gathering, so if you're sure you can make it, head over to that Sign-Up page and get your name in fast!  I hate announcing this stuph on the Friday afternoon of a long weekend, I just know a bunch of people are taking off for the holiday weekend, and by the time they get back, it might be full…  Sorry if this means you, it wasn't on purpose!  Have a great and safe long weekend, don't drink and drive!

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