10:45am Mar16, 2002 
V1.30 hits the AbattoirPatch me Baby!  Early this morning, the 1.30 Patch was released for “Return to Castle Wolfenstein”.  This new patch contains a myriad of enhancements and bug fixes, as well as some sweet enhancements for the die hard RTCW player.  Among the most notable: A new Map called “Ice”, a full cheat detection system by “PunkBuster” and a new Auto UpDate System that (…when in Multiplayer Mode…) will keep you completely up to date from within the game itself.  Needless to say, the patch was made available mere minutes after its release on the SuperFTP Web Portal, so head to the Main Page and click on that little Surfer Dude in the corner, head over to “MeatMan’s Big, Hard, Drive” to grab your copy SuperFTP Fast, with no line-ups, no waiting, no fees, no sign-up!  There’s also an Info File there where you curious type can read all about the enhancements in detail. (link removed-see SuperFTP).

Now it’s Officially, Official!  (…Damned, that does sound Official…) BTM30 has been moved to March 30th.  However, since this is a long weekend, we’re offering up the following little “treat”.  The Early-Bird will be on Thursday night, and BTM30 will run Friday thru Saturday in our first official (…there’s that word again…) two day Frag-Fest!  Bring a sleeping-bag, we’re clearing floor space!  Also, be sure to bring extra cash, cuz for a stinkin’ $20 entrance fee, you’re only getting fed on the 30th by the Abattoir so be prepared to chip in for Pizza or a Wendy’s run!  (…vs9, and Skunkworks better be bringing their own Keg of Coke…)  If you’re unable to make it, please be sure to let us know ASAP, we have many people on the Waiting List who’ll kill to take your space, don’t let it go to waist.


02:15pm Mar11, 2002 
Still requiring more feedback on our date change.  Unless there's one hell of a good reason given, it would appear at this point that we're going to make BTM30's date change official.  As of now, BTM30 will be on March 30th (…should be easy enough for even LoneFart to remember!..)  Emails will be sent out to make sure everyone's up to date on this one.  We apologize for this shift in schedule, but there's little we can do about it!  Please check off your calendars and confirm that the new date sits well with you.  Seems a rather trivial announcement in light of today being the six month anniversary of the Trade Towers / Pentagon / Pennsylvania disaster.

The Abattoir was called to action last night by Sgt_Astro who complained his machine was overheating...  He showed-up at our door with tower and fans in hand asking for help.  Just letting you know, Astro…  It's all done.  (…and after hitting it with 100psi of compressed air, I don't even want to tell you how much crap blew out of your power supply and heat sinks, suffice to say, it's been 30 minutes and I think we can see all the way across the shop now…)  Come pick it up, as you know, my favourite beer's Molson Canadian *wink wink*


04:30pm Mar08, 2002 
Houston, we have a problem!  Listen-up everyone, because we need your instant feed-back on this situation, and we need it fast!  My company’s year end is March, thus, for the last 18 years I’ve spent my birthday (March 30th) doing inventory at M-K (…No really, it’s great, I love it!..)  This year however, we’ve run into a “situation”.  BTM’s are scheduled months in advance, and BTM30 is all set for March 23rd (…a week before inventory…) but this year end falls on a long weekend!  Good Friday this year hits the calendar on March 29th and as such, we’re now moving our year end “fun” to the weekend of the BTM!  This creates a real issue for me…  The BTM was set to go months ago and now I’m being asked to “move it” like it’s some trivial deal.  I need to know from everyone who’s booked for this BTM if it would cause too much of a problem bumping the BTM to the 30th (…pushing it back a week…)  I need your answers fast!  Missing our year end has never been an option here, but if we can’t move it, it’ll have to stand…  Let me know.

The astute users will notice our Abattoir BBs has been upgraded!  We’re now on version 6 of UBB, if you’ve never really delved into the BBs system, I implore you to give it a shot!  Registration’s obviously free and it’s a great forum to shoot your mouth off in!.  As a matter’o’fact…  You can discuss your concerns regarding this post in the Forums now with a simple Click!


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